When To Replace Your Computer Mouse

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If you still use a traditional computer mouse, you will know that from time to time, it may not work quite as you would like. It can get certain errors, freezing, random movements, and so on.

So, you may wonder, how can you tell if it is just a glitch or random error, or is it on its way out? How do you know when you should replace your mouse? 

When To Replace Your Computer Mouse

How to tell your computer mouse is dying

If you own a computer mouse, rather than using a laptop mousepad, you have a computer mouse, you may sometimes just get that feeling that something is not quite right.

You might be checking your emails and suddenly the mouse glitches and you accidentally delete or archive an important email. 

If your mouse freezes, glitches, or starts acting a bit weird, it is not necessarily a sign that it is on its way out, but it is a possibility.

Today we will be talking you through how to tell your computer mouse is dying, from the mouse is just having a mad moment. 

One of the buttons won’t work 

A standard computer mouse will have two buttons and sometimes a center wheel. Generally, one button is for scrolling and the other is for scrolling and clicking.

As time wears on, one of these buttons may go bad and become unresponsive. For example, you may try to slick on a tab or a link and nothing happens. 

One of the most irritating parts of this happening is that it usually doesn’t stop working entirely, it will usually work again when it’s not needed or after you have passed the point of getting annoyed that it wasn’t working before.

What is even worse is when it starts working, and almost acts like a ghost and ruins what you are doing by starting to randomly click or scroll on things. 

This is a sign, you probably need to invest in a new mouse. 

Random movement

Another sign that you need to get a new mouse ASAP, is when it starts randomly moving, meaning that the cursor just does not seem to do what you are asking it to.

We have seen times when you might turn the cursor clockwise and it starts going anti-clockwise, or you are scrolling down and instead, it scrolls up or repeatedly up and then down, or just throws the cursor into a corner of the screen. 

This can also happen if your mousepad or surface is dirty so you may want to give it a good clean first before assessing that the mouse needs replacing. 

If you find that the issue carries on then it may be because the laser isn’t working correctly.

It will be very annoying to deal with especially if you use the mouse for artistic work, such s 3D modeling or even illustration work.

If it is a gaming mouse it may not be as much of an issue but it is still wise to replace it as it is on its way out.  

Suddenly stops movement 

A sure-fire sign that your mouse is heading towards the trash is if it just stops working suddenly, or even more aggravating- it just randomly starts and stops working.

If this happened during important work, or during a PC gaming session, imagine the irritation. The biggest issue with this occurring is that it is more common with a cable since this can degrade over time more so than non-cabled options. 

It may be time for an upgrade.

Don’t worry.

While many issues can develop with a computer mouse there are a few that can happen that are not a precursor to mouse-death.

Below we go over some of these issues, so that you know they are nothing to worry about, just maybe a bit frustrating when they happen. 

Unsmooth movement

Few things are more agitating than a mouse cursor that jerks or doesn’t move smoothly.

The most common culprit for this is if there is dirt or dust in the sensor area. This can be easily cleaned, you can use soap water and a microfiber cloth (not too wet) to do this. 

It may also be because of the surface that you are using, computer mice tend to hate glossy surfaces such as glass or even glossed wood.

Using a mousepad will make things easier on the mouse, so we suggest getting one if you don’t already have one.  

Cursor freezes

Another annoying possibility is if the cursor just starts to freeze. This is not always the fault of the mouse though, and more often than not it is due to an overworked or too full computer.

Close down applications and check your storage space in this case, make sure you have enough RAM for the computer to work smoothly and close down any background apps. 

If the freezing continues after this then check the hardware, on occasion, this may happen simply because you need to update your system фонарь аккумуляторный. You can also try the age-old method of turning it off and back on again. 

If it continues try to reinstall the mouse driver, sometimes it may crash or an update may even have been faulty. Be sure to also check ports and cables too мультитул. Even try plugging your mouse into a different slot as it may be a USB fault. 

If the mouse is wireless, it could be simply something such as a dead battery купить набор кастрюль. If this is your issue, double-check all of the above before you invest in a new mouse. 

What to do 

If you are certain that your computer mouse has lived its longest life and it is now time to say goodbye, it’s time to go mouse shopping. 

Computer mice tend to live for a couple of years, provided that they get regular use плед купить. If you want to enhance the lifespan of your mouse then it is best to go with a reputable and respected brand.

Cheaper, nameless brands are often made on a budget and won’t last as long. 

Even brand name mice are not expensive so you can get a decent one for a good price купити постільну білизну. We also suggest optical, laser, or mechanical mice for the best quality. 

Keep your eye open for mouse faults and if you need to invest in a new and better one that will do you and your computer justice.