Legal Rap: Contracts, Rules, and Internships

Yo, let’s talk about the legal game,
Contracts and rules, ain’t that a shame?
From agreement amendments to drugs and clinical trials,
We’ll break it down, no need for denials.

BA, Acronym in Business

What’s the BA in business, don’t get confused,
It’s all about knowledge, no need to be bemused.
LegalZoom’s a question, should I use it as my agent?
Find the answer here, no need for lament.

Release, Indemnification, and Reg U

Release and indemnification, agreements to be prohibited,
Reg U requirements, don’t be confounded.
From the legal perspective, we’ll break it down
No need to frown, no need to wear a frown.

Law University NZ and Compensatory Damages

Studying law at NZ University, programs and degrees,
Compensatory damages in contracts, no need for pleas.
International law questions, get expert advice,
From internships in London, to paralegal splice.