How To Organize Your Home Office

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If you are working or studying from home, then you will want to make the space as perfect as possible.

This means creating an organized, simple and useful space that you can focus, be productive and creative in.

How To Organize Your Home Office

If you do not create an organized, dedicated work space, then you may end up slouching on the couch with your laptop balancing on your lap, holding a cup of coffee over all of your job’s paperwork. This is just a disaster waiting to happen!

How To Organize Your Home Office

If you are going to create a home office, you will need to think about a few questions first.

For example, what will you be doing in the office? What equipment will you need? Will you have clients visiting your office? Will you have to video conference in your office?

These are all things that you will need to consider when decorating and organizing your office.

You will also want to think about where the light is in your office, for instance if you have a window for sunlight or enough ceiling light to illuminate the space, so that you can work effectively and efficiently.

With these sorts of questions in mind, you can rethink where you are going to place your office desk, how you are going to organize paperwork, letters and information, and how you will style the space.

To do this, you will have to organize your home office. This sounds like a boring task, but trust us, it is easier than you think. With a few of our tricks and tips, and some office essentials that will save you a lot of time and energy, you will be organized before you can say work!

Keep It Clean

A clean, clear and polished workspace is the key to organization, and the key to productivity.

If you clear away any and all clutter, then you can guarantee that your mindspace will be clear too. This way, you can just focus on your work, rather than the mess around you!

One of the best ways to do this is to have all of the accessories that you need to tidy up. Make sure that there is a paper waste basket, or bin underneath the desk, and purchase filing supplies to keep all of your paperwork in order.

You may also need stationary pots to keep your pens, rulers and pencils in place, and always have a notepad handy for those last minute important meetings.

We also recommend that you get a small desktop drawer unit, which can keep everything out of sight and give you a clear space to work in!

Have A Wall Calendar

If you need help to stay organized, then we recommend a wall calendar. These are so handy for ensuring that you never miss an appointment, meeting or call again!

By having your calendar on the wall, you can really keep an eye on all of your events and plans, which will give you much more efficiency and coordination.

We love the idea of making your own DIY wall planner. All you need is a large frame, and some craft supplies, and you can draw out boxes with a ruler, of all of the days of the month, and place it on the wall.

Then, you can use sticky notes to fill in bookings or events and never miss anything important again.

Bring In The Shelves

Closets are a thing of the past, bring in the shelving! We love a bit of open shelving like the viral IKEA ones.

They make for great storage, but also for displaying your best vases, photographs, plants and books. This can really make your office space feel like your own, and help you organize your decor.

Why not buy two open shelving units, and place a chest of drawers in between, or even your desk to really make the most of the space.

This way, you do not have any empty, unused parts of the room, not living up to their potential, and you get lots more space to organize your home office.

In addition, you may want to install floating shelves above your desk for supplies, inspirational art pieces, files, or just a few pen holders. This is also a great way of making the most of your space, and keeps all of your things in order.

Cozy Cubbies

On a similar note, you may want to use shelving to create cozy cubbies for all of your organization needs.

With a large unit, you can still make the space look nice with a few decorative items, but keep the bottom rows for baskets and trays to store anything away and keep it hidden.

This will give you a neat, organized and clear atmosphere to work in.

Organization Is Key

If you have a lot of cupboard space in your home office, or shelves that are not going to be much use, then you should buy trays, boxes and files to keep everything organized.

Then, you can use a label maker to perfectly label all of the items inside. This will look so much better than just piling things up wherever there is space, and will create a clean, clear and open area to work from home.

Paper Holders

A paper holder is an absolute necessity when it comes to home office organization. With one of these, you can sort all of your paperwork, but still keep it handy for whenever you need it.

What is even better is that you can blend these in with your desk, or purchase a more decorative version such as a gold or black wire paper holder for a little extra vibrancy in your home office.

Decorate The Space

Although you want an organized space to work, you always want to make it feel cozy and right for you. Remember to decorate your office with lots of beautiful objects and ornaments that make you feel happy and calm.

Be Inspired

Why not use a pinboard to decorate your space, or place some inspirational quotes and artwork on the walls to keep you focused.

Home Office Center

Lastly, one of the most vital components of an organized office is a dedicated space for the printer, paper, and waste.

Keep a bin with a shredder, and a little cozy corner where you can print off labels, paperwork or documents all in one simple place!