How to Organize Desk Drawers

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We all know how easy it can be to keep throwing things into your desk drawers until one day, it ends up turning into a drawer full of useless rubbish that you try to ignore at all costs.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way, and having an organized desk can actually help to improve your overall productivity, which is why we are going to show you some helpful methods that you can use to keep your desk drawers organized. 

How to Organize Desk Drawers

There are a few different methods of organization that you can use, but we are going to give you some tips to keep your workspace looking tidy and organized.

This can be especially useful when you are working at your desk, as it makes finding things that much easier. 

The first thing to do is to set aside some time where you can focus on sorting out your workspace without any distractions. This way, you can stay focused and get the job done all in one go.

Clear Out Your Drawers

The first thing that you need to do if you want to organize your drawers is to completely empty them. Take out everything in your drawers, put it into a pile, and sort out the stuff that you have found.

More often than not, half of this stuff will be totally useless, but there might be some gems hidden away in here that you had completely forgotten about.

So, once everything has been cleared from your desk drawers, you should split the stuff into two piles; keep and get rid of.

Some of this stuff might be better stored in other places in your home, rather than in your desk drawers, but if they are things that you use while at your desk, then you can keep them here.

Now that your drawers are clear from junk and clutter, it is time to move on to organizing the chaos.

Having a good organizational system in place will help you to save time when you are looking for things, and make space feel much more under control.

Organizing into Categories

One way of organizing your drawers is to do so in categories. For example, you can put all your stationery and notebooks in one place, and any electronic items and chargers in another.

This will help to keep things in good order, and you will always know where to look for one specific thing. If you are looking for a pen, you know it will be in your stationary draw.

It is always useful to know where things are going to be, especially штани мілітарі if you are in the middle of doing something important, so you can just grab what you need and carry on.

This will help to save so much time that would otherwise be spent digging around in multiple drawers through the chaos. 

Prioritize Your Top Drawer

If you think about it, the top drawer is the best place to store things that you need easy access to while you are at your desk.

It is going to be the one closest to you, so why not fill it with those things that you need the most often.

Some things that you might need access to more frequently are things like chargers, stationery, and paper, or a notebook to write on.

If you put these things in the top drawer, you know that you will always have quick and easy access to them, especially when your laptop or phone is about to run out of charge and you need it for work.

Cable Management 

Something that often takes up a lot of space in your drawers and that can get tangled really easily is cables тактичні джинси. It is not uncommon to have lots of different cables for a variety of different things, and have to store them all in a drawer.

Something that you can do to avoid the nightmare of having to spend half an hour untangling your wires before you can even use them is to wrap them up when they are not in use. 

So, when you are not using your phone charger, for example, you can wrap it up in a circle until you reach the end of the cable, and find something that will keep it in place куртка койот.

One of the best things for the task is a hair tie, and you can tie it around the center of the loop that you have made with your wire.

This should result in a shape that looks like a figure of eight, and this method will help to keep all of your cables tidy and organized, and ready to be used.

Another thing that you can do with your wires is to label them, and this will help you to figure out which wire is which when they often all look the same.

Buy Some Desk Dividers

A great tool that you can utilize in order to keep your desk drawers tidy is desk dividers військова форма жіноча. These will create multiple different compartments within your drawers, in which you can store things of different categories.

This is helpful for smaller items that you want to store in your drawers without them getting lost тактическая рубашка. Make sure you measure the drawer before you go ahead and order your dividers to make sure that they are going to fit.

You can get a variety of different sizes, but the ones that often work the best are the ones that fit to cover the entire draw.

If you don’t want to splash out on some new drawer dividers, then you could also get creative with some containers or small boxes that you have lying around the house and make your own storage spaces.

Keep On Top Of It

The most essential part of this entire process is that you try to keep on top of your organizational skills.

Try to avoid the habit of throwing something in a drawer without finding a suitable place for it. After all, a tidy workspace is a tidy mind.