How To Decorate A Home Office

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If you often work from home, or have a lot of studying to do at home, then you will understand the importance of having a home office.A home office can give you the dedicated space you need to focus on your job, tasks or studies without getting distracted.

When working in your home office, you will need a space that you can work in, be comfortable and where you can concentrate fully. This is why decorating your home office is paramount to your productivity and to keeping a clear mindspace whilst working. 

How to decorate a home office

With more and more people now working from home, there are so many options for decorating your home office! You can go simple and stylish for a clear, open space to help you focus, or go bold for a unique, inspiring space to help you work.

The important part is finding the decor and furnishings that will make your office a place you want to work in.

How to Decorate a Home Office

If you want to increase your productivity and focus, then you will need a space to let your mind thrive. The best way to do this is to create an environment that makes you feel like working is not so hard.

Luckily, there are lots of options for tools and furnishings that will make your home office space so good, that you will never want to work in the actual office again! Luckily for you, we have some great ideas for making your work space seem more like home.

Have A Feature Wall

One of our favorite ideas to keep your home office space, vibrant, interesting and eye catching is to paint a feature wall. This means adding a splash of a bold color to brighten up the place.

Why not try a rich navy blue, a peachy pink or a vibrant emerald green? The choice is yours! You can add in a nice piece of statement art, or even an inspirational typography quote and voila! The space is transformed.

Create A Cozy Corner

Why not create a cute, cozy little area for your home office? You can carve out a nook, and place a large oversized mirror, or some decorative vases on your desk space so that it all ties together into your home decor. With a large mirror, you can increase the amount of light in the room, as it will reflect sunlight, and make it a much brighter, lighter space.

Create A Display

A home office can sometimes be a place that you associate with a little boredom, so you may want to spruce up the place a little.

We recommend displaying lots of accessories to make the area a little more homely. You could even add in some shelving, to place your framed degree or certificates on, or just to display some ornaments, vases, flowers or anything that you like.

The same goes for your desk space, why not add some pretty photo frames, an inspiring art print, or place a few plants around. Throw in some colorful accessories to make the space seem a little more exciting, and somewhere you enjoy spending time in!

A Home Office Sofa

This is one of our favorite ideas. You can add a home office sofa to the space. This could then offer a comfy spot to sit and reflect, to take a phone call or meeting, or to just have coffee for five minutes and relax.

If you are short of space, then it does not have to be a large sofa, you could just buy a decorative occasional chair that fits the room, but also offers a comfortable place to chill out during those long working days.

Office Under The Stairs

If you do not have enough space in your home to have a dedicated room for your home office, you should convert under the stairs to give you a cozy little spot to work.

Simply put up some shelves for storage, and add a large desk top, with an easy to fold away chair, and paint the wall a bold color, and there you have it.

You may also need a desk lamp to brighten up the place a little if there is no natural lighting, but we love this idea, as this way you are tucked away.

Kitchen Office

If you have some extra space in your kitchen, you can also carve out an office space here, with a little desk and a comfy chair. The best part is, you are not too far away from the coffee machine during office hours!

Make Your Own Desk

If you do not have your own desk at home, then you do not have to worry! You can use an old dressing table, or even make your own desk. This is easily done with two dressers, and a wood top to create a desk space.

For instance, you can do your own little DIY, with some IKEA dressers, and countertop, just place them side by side with a space for your chair and legs, and connect with the countertop, and you’ve got your own desk to work with, along with lots of storage!

Mount Your Desk

Another idea if you do not have a desk is to mount one. You can do this by mounting a solid wooden countertop to the wall. This will give the space a simplistic and minimalistic look.

Mini Library

If you are a book lover, then you will need a dedicated space to keep all of your lovely books on display. For this, you will need some bookshelves, display cases, or even just put up some corner shelves to keep them all in one place.

All of the different book covers will also really brighten up the room, plus you get the opportunity to pick up a book for your next break to take 5 minutes of peace!


With a few of our handy tips, you can create a personalized, bright, cheery and perfectly decorated home office that you will want to go to work in every day!