How To Decorate A Desk

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Decorating your desk and office space will not only allow you to inject your own personality into the space but it also triggers focus and creativity which results in more productivity.

So whether you’ve got a new job or new space, it’s important to make your work space your own. Especially with so many people working from home nowadays, it’s a nice way to bring the fun to your everyday life.

We’ve written this guide to help you set up a home office that is going to inspire you to be productive in your everyday life and motivate you.

How to decorate a desk

If you’re unsure where to set up your office area then making sure it is a place with plenty of natural light is ideal.

This will cause less strain which can be a result of lots of artificial light as well as avoiding any sense of claustrophobia that can come with being inside for long hours.

If you have selected an area that doesn’t bring a lot of light, then incorporating a lot of lighter colors will make the space feel more open and fresh. 

Make your space your own

The first thing to bear in mind is not being afraid to inject your own personality into your space. Whether you run your own business or are working for a company, it’s important to make your home office a reflection of you.

Try to incorporate your favourite colors into the overall color scheme of your space whether you paint the walls or purchase equipment and furniture that is part of the scheme.

Invest in quality stationary that is customized and personalized as this will allow you to really feel ownership of your space. Not only is this fun but it also adds sophistication and professionalism to the overall area. 

Also adding photos in decorative frames can boost your mood as it will make you feel less lonely and you’ll always be surrounded by the ones you love.

You can also put up pieces of art, momentos such as tickets and decorations that will not clutter the area and will make it look unique and beautiful. 

Adding greenery and natural light

Adding greenery and plants not only makes your space look lovely but it can also reduce stress and increase your wellbeing. This is because fresh flowers and plants allow fresh air to circulate.

If you invest in some succulent plants then they require little maintenance meaning you don’t have to worry about them.

However, for the avid gardener, injecting fresh flowers is a great way to incorporate your hobby into your work space. Greenery allows you to bring in the natural to your environment and will immediately lift your mood. 

Natural light is also a fantastic way to incorporate openness and freshness into your work space. Try to place your desk area near as much natural light as possible.

This will mean that you’re not going to feel trapped indoors constantly and will have reduced stress in the same way that incorporating greenery into your area as well. 

DIY projects

For those who love to be creative, making things for your office space is a sure way to make your office space the perfect area for you.

Whether you like to make your own furniture, paint the area or make small baskets and storage containers for your stationary, you can use whatever craft you excel in to add to your office space.

Not only does this help to inspire creativity but you can be sure that this will help to motivate you to do the best job while you are working. 

If you love to play with textiles whether you sew, knit or crochet, you can make an array of decorations such as bunting or macrame to add some unique pieces to your space. There are truly endless possibilities to bring your own hobbies and skills to your office space. 

Vision board

Vision boards are a great way to help to incorporate both inspiration and aspiration to your workplace.

Whether you are running a business and have future goals relating to where you want your business to be or you work for a company and are saving up for something special like a house, a car or a handbag, then putting it all on a vision board in sight will help motivate you to do well so you can achieve your goals.

Vision boards don’t have to be huge or contain a lot of things but knowing what you want to achieve in the future is going to help you do your best in your current situation so you’re constantly working towards something. 


As well as incorporating visual items to help inspire you, bringing in your favorite scents is going to make you feel more comfortable in your space.

Whether you want to spritz the area with perfume, light your favorite candle or diffuser, there are plenty of ways to help your work space feel like somewhere you can happily work in for long hours every day. This way, you’re able to make the area truly adaptable for you using all of your senses. 


You have sorted out your desk space and now it is time to look at the walls in your office. They may be looking a bit plain and contrast greatly with the aesthetic you’ve created in your desk area.

If you can, it’s a good idea to paint the walls to suit your favorite color scheme or put things up. This means that you have control over a wider space, it will assist in decluttering your office desk and you can also feel less confined in your area.

Utilising the walls and any shelves is going to allow you to organize your work better and means that you will be able to easily maintain the area without having to tidy it every day for long periods of time. 


Decorating your office desk needn’t be a stressful endeavor. By incorporating your own hobbies and skills into your setup, you’ll feel inspired and motivated to do your best every day.

Make sure you are utilising the space you have on the desk as well as the space around you as this will prevent any cluttering on the desk making it easy to maintain.

It’s important to incorporate all of your senses into your work area as this is where you will be spending most of your time each day so it’s important to invest your time and effort into making it the best area that you can. This will improve your productivity and performance.