Best Office Space Heater

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A cold office is a nightmare for those who work from home. You’re sat at a desk all day with your fingers typing away at your laptop, and all you can think about is the cold temperature spreading throughout your body. The last thing you want is for the cold to affect your quality of work. 

Whilst you could turn the heating on, this can be a huge waste of money for providing warmth to one room in the house. The radiator might also be on the other side of the room, which won’t provide any warmth to your cold feet or hands. That’s where office space heaters come in.

Office space heaters are the best way of warming yourself or your room in a fast and energy-efficient way. The best part? They don’t even have to be that expensive to work well. 

If you are looking for a high-quality heater, we have found the best office space heaters on the market so you don’t have to worry about bundling up in blankets.

You can finally just focus on your work. We have also included a buyer’s guide and frequently asked questions section to help you find the best heater for you!

Our Top Pick

In a rush? Our top pick is the AUZKIN Small Space Heater - the perfect sized heater for every office space. Portable and small, it can ideally fit on a desk to heat up a small office space effortlessly.

With ceramic heating elements, a tip-over switch, auto shut-off, and overheat protection - this heater is well equipped with all of the safety features it needs. Not only is it a heater, but it also comes with a fan function for keeping your stuffy office cool in summer! 


The AUZKIN Small Space Heater is an ideal purchase for anyone looking for a bog standard, cost effective and energy efficient heater.

Portable and small, measuring at only 4.6” x 4.6” x 8.3”, this compact little heater is surprisingly powerful and can be located anywhere in the house or office space. Perfect for placing it under your desk to warm up your feet! Though small, there is a swing button to offer a wide 45 degree “swing” of heat to warm up other areas of the room. 

The ceramic heating technology warms up a room faster than other heating technologies, which means it doesn't have to be left on for an unnecessarily long time whilst it heats up. This, in turn, makes it an environmentally friendly option as it is so energy efficient. 

In terms of safety, this heater is equipped with an auto-shut off, overheat protection, and a tip-over switch to prevent injury from someone accidentally touching or pushing it over. What’s more, this heater comes with a cool fan option for the warm months and is virtually silent. 


  • Portable and compact to fit anywhere
  • Safety features all included
  • Ceramic technology heats up fast
  • Versatile with fan setting available
  • Silent


  • Best suited for a small office rather than a large office


The PELONIS Ceramic Tower Heater is for those who want a floor-standing heater to reside in their office space.

Able to rotate within 83 degrees from side to side, this heater is great for evenly heating up a larger office space than smaller, portable heaters. This is a ceramic heater, which can heat up to 70 degrees fahrenheit within 3 seconds thanks to its impressive 1500 Watts of power. 

This heater is made of an ABS UL90 V0 material - meaning it is heat and flame resistant, as well as cool to the touch. This is ideal for families with children or pets who may touch or lean against the heater.

As well as this, the heater includes overheating protection and tip-over protection for safety. 

The dimensions of this heater are 17.76” x 7.72”, and the appearance is modern and sleek. It’s not so tall that it is an eyesore, and can just target the heat in one particular area if needs be. 


  • Powerful ceramic heater for fast warming 
  • Heat resistant, overheating protection, and tip-over protection
  • Modern and sleek 
  • 83 degree rotation to warm room


  • Short extension lead 


The Joy Pebble Space Heater stands out on our list as the most visually appealing heater on the market. Available in either a light pink or black, it can blend into any office space easily in a modern, sleek, and stylish way. 

Aside from the aesthetics, this heater can blow warm air within 2 seconds at either a 750 or 1500 Watt mode - making it energy efficient as there is no preheating time.

As for noise control, this heater is virtually silent. It also can generate heat in multiple directions, so whilst it doesn’t rotate, it doesn’t just disperse the heat straight in front of it. 

In terms of safety, this heater has overheating protection and a tip-over safety function to keep all family members safe from a hot heater. 


  • Visually appealing 
  • Safety functions included 
  • Two heating modes at 750/1500W
  • Little noise


  • Better suited for smaller offices than larger ones


Another tower heater, the TaoTronics heater is designed to quietly warm up a room to 70 degrees fahrenheit in only 3 seconds due to the powerful 1500 Watts heating mode.

With 65 degree oscillation, the heat distribution is perfect for a moderately sized office space if you want the whole room heated. If you just want your feet to be heated, simply turn off the oscillation rotations! 

This heater features 3 heating modes; including high (1500W), low (900W), and ECO mode. ECO mode automatically switches between the high and low modes depending on the temperature of the room aside from the heater. For example, if the room is not entirely freezing, it will automatically pick the low mode to preserve energy. 

In terms of safety, this ceramic heater is made of V0 flame resistant material, and features an overheating protection sensor as well as auto shut-off and a tip-over switch. This 18” tall heater is perfect for sitting comfortable in the corner of an office to warm it up, without being a safety hazard for kids or animals.

What’s more, this heater comes with a remote control for easy adjustments without having to move!


  • Good tower heater for medium to large office spaces
  • 3 heating modes
  • Appropriate safety features
  • Remote control included


  • No designated area to hold the remote control


Last but certainly not least, the GiveBest portable heater is ideal for those struggling with a chilly office space.

With two heat levels, either 1500 Watts or 750 Watts, you can have a warm or hot room within seconds. Heat up a 200 square feet room between 0 and 158 degrees fahrenheit quickly! Perfect for maintaining a comfortable and consistent temperature. 

Regarding safety, this heater is made of a flame resistant material and comes equipped with a tip-over protection system and an auto shut-off system for when it begins to overheat.

It is a quiet heater, making sounds no louder than 45 decibels - ideal for focusing on your work. Sizing at 8.3” x 6.3” x 4”, this is a lightweight and compact heater that can be placed anywhere in a house. 

What’s more, this heater also comes with a cool air fan function for the warm summer months. 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Versatile with heating and cooling functions
  • Safety features included
  • Can warm up to 200 square feet within seconds


  • Not the most visibly attractive heater 

Best Office Space Heater Buying Guide

Why to buy an office space heater

Whether you have an office in your house, a makeshift spare room/designated office space, or a rented office space - you will know how cold it can get.

In the winter months, keeping motionless and sitting in a desk chair will make you colder than usual. Picture this - it’s your weekly Zoom meeting and you’re wearing your work clothes (potentially some pyjama pants that are hidden from the camera, but we won’t judge), and you don’t think it’s professional to wrap yourself up in a thick blanket despite how cold it is.

Without regular movement, the cold may start to affect the quality and consistency of your work, as all you can think about is how cold you are. 

Office space heaters are an affordable, cost effective, and energy efficient way to warm yourself up without relying on turning on the heating. These heaters are generally mostly small and portable, so they hardly take up much space and can be moved to any room.

Office space heaters can quickly warm up a particular area or a room - whether you want the whole room to be warm or just your chilly feet. 

However, it is important to remember that due to their size, office heaters cannot heat up the largest of spaces. 

What to look for in an office space heater

Heater types: 

There are three main heater types: infrared, ceramic, or oil-filled. Each heater type serves a different purpose. 

Ceramic heaters are the most common and popular heater type, as they warm up the fastest and are possibly the most cost effective. However, they do not work as well in large rooms or rooms with tall ceilings. 

Infrared heaters are best suited for smaller rooms, but not larger rooms. These heaters usually reside at the top of a wall closer to the ceiling and warm up the skin in a similar way to the sun’s rays. 

Oil-filled heaters, or micathermic heaters, don’t have as many variations of models compared to ceramic heaters. They are like smaller radiators, and are best suited for large rooms due to their larger heat area. 

One thing to consider when looking to buy a heater is that most of them require plugs to work. Whilst they don’t take up too much energy or space, be cautious that some extension leads can be short, and will therefore limit where the heater can reside. 

Energy efficiency: 

Due to the safety features included in most heater models, energy efficiency tends to work naturally. Most heaters, particularly ceramic ones, can reach the chosen temperature within a matter of seconds - so there is no wasted energy or time on waiting for it to heat properly.

As heaters are only designed for warming a room as opposed to an entire house, turning on the house’s heating will waste more energy unless every room is being occupied.

The best heaters for energy efficiency would be run by solar panels, though these are less common to find on the market. 

Office room sizes: 

The size of your office space will determine what type of heater is best for you. As most office spaces are fairly small, you most likely will not need an oil-filled large heater as this will just waste unnecessary energy. For smaller rooms with lower ceilings, ceramic heaters are the best choice. 

Larger rooms will naturally be harder to properly heat, unless the heater offers good rotation. Still, you can’t expect a compact portable heater to warm up an entire room - though they are great for placing on a desk and warming the user up!

Where you choose to keep your heater is entirely up to you. They can reside on a desk if they are small, underneath the desk to keep your feet warm, or just in the corner of the room. 

Noise levels:

If you’re someone who cannot work with a noise in the background, whether it’s building works or music, the idea of a heater might sound like a nightmare for you.

Fear not, as the heaters we have recommended have incredibly low noise levels - to the point where you can keep them in your bedroom and sleep right through it!

Safety features:

The key safety features to look for in a heater include auto shut-off, safe touch, overheating protection, and tip-over protection. 

  • Auto shut-off: Automatic shut-off is the same as overheating protection but with a different name. This is when the heater automatically shuts off before it begins to overheat. 
  • Safe touch: Ever accidentally touched a boiling heater? It hurts. Imagine what it’s like having kids or animals running around. Fortunately, most heaters are made from a flame-resistant material that keeps the outside of the heater cool to prevent burning. 
  • Tip-over protection: This is an incredibly important feature, as it automatically turns the heater off if it has been accidentally pushed over. If you have children or animals that may knock it over, this feature is highly beneficial. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Which is better between infrared and ceramic heaters? 

Ceramic heaters can effectively heat up to the chosen temperature within a matter of seconds, so they are more energy efficient as they don’t require a preheating time period.

These heaters are portable and compact, making them incredibly versatile for other uses and in other rooms. This is also what makes them so cost effective, as you can use them for other purposes than just in an office space. They are best suited for smaller office spaces, though some ceramic tower heaters offer rotations that can heat up larger rooms. 

Infrared heaters are situated at the top of a wall near a ceiling, and therefore lack the portable ability of ceramic heaters. These heaters mimic the sun’s infrared rays and are usually used in outdoor spaces. These heaters can get very warm, but do not offer a rotation feature - so there’s only a small space for the heater to warm up. 

For an office space, we personally recommend the ceramic heaters due to their versatility and portability. 

How many fires are caused each year by heaters? 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 25,000 residential fires occur annually due to space heaters.

This is most likely caused by cheap space heaters that do not come equipped with the necessary safety features such as auto shut-off and tip-off protection.

As long as you don’t leave a heater alone in a room and you are sensible with it, most heaters are not likely to catch or cause fires. 

What type of heater is the most energy efficient?

Due to the speed of the heating, ceramic heaters are the most energy efficient. They do not take up much room, they only take several seconds to fully heat, and the portability means that you don’t have to keep the heating on in the house if you are only using one room.

Also, the heat they produce can linger in a room long after it has been turned off. 

What size room will a 1500W heater heat? 

With proper insulation, a 1500W heater can heat a room sized anywhere between 150 and 200 square feet.

The 1500W heaters we have recommended are suitable to heat a variety of room sizes depending on if they offer a rotating heat function, which also works to heat a larger space.