Best Office Gadgets

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Whether you work in a busy open-plan office, have your own office, or work from home, office gadgets can make work a more productive, ergonomic, and enjoyable place to be.

Whether it’s an office air conditioner or a device to keep your mug warm, there’s something out there that can make everyone’s office a better place. 

We’ve put together a list of the best office gadgets on the market. Let’s take a look...


If you’re somebody who’d describe their desk as chaotic, with multiple monitors and wires sprawled all over the place, you definitely need this universal laptop docking station to easily tidy up loose cables. 

 A single USB 3.0 connection from a host PC to this dock provides dual video outputs, wired Gigabit Ethernet, 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks, two USB 3.0 ports, and four USB 2.0 ports.

Built-in HDMI and DVI outputs each support 1920x1200 resolution at a refresh rate of 60Hz refresh rate, plus the DVI to VGA adapter and DVI to HDMI adapter are included. 


  • 11 ports of connectivity 
  • Frees up desk space 
  • HD displays 
  • Compatible with most modern laptops and systems


  • A little on the pricey side 


Breathe in a breath of fresh air with this handy mini air purifier that filters out 99.7% of airborne particles, dust, pollen, smoke, odors, and pet dander.

Complete with a  Pre-Filter and True HEPA Filter, this purifier is CARB certified and environmentally friendly. It also has a quiet operation so it won’t disturb your work, and is conveniently powered via a USB or DC adapter. 

Measuring 4.92 x 4.92 x 5.31 inches, it’s small enough to fit on your desk and compact enough to be carried back and forth to the office if necessary. It also features a relaxing, LED night light making this purifier great for use at home too. 


  • Clears air of 99.7% of airborne particles
  • Pre-filter and True HEPA filter 
  • CARB compliant 
  • Quiet operation 
  • Compact, lightweight design


  • Due to the size, it’s only effective for personal space 


The gadget you didn’t even know you were missing: this smart plug from TP-link allows you to turn electronics on or off from anywhere with your smartphone using the Kasa app (Compatible w/ Android & iOS).

It’s also equipped with Voice Control that works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana-supported devices for a hands-free experience. 

With Kasa scenes and schedules, you can schedule the smart plug to automatically switch on and off when away or set a scene for controlling many devices with a single button.

This is super-convenient as you can have the Smart Plug work for you when you’re out of town by connecting a lamp and setting the device to ‘Away Mode’ which will automatically turn the light on and off to give the appearance that someone is home. 

The Smart Plug also gives you the peace of mind that you’ll never leave devices running again. With the countdown timer feature, you can set a timer for appliances to be turned off automatically - perfect for ensuring your office electronics are always switched off at the end of the day or week. 


  • Conveniently turn electronics on or off with the KP-link app 
  • Can be used with a range of Voice Control devices 
  • Range of settings such as ‘Away Mode’ 
  • The countdown feature gives peace of mind that your appliances are always off


  • Reliant on a WiFi connection 


Laptops can cause our posture to collapse and can even trigger headaches and back/neck pain. However, a foldable laptop stand easily deals with this issue by raising the height of your display.

This foldable stand from Nulaxy has wide compatibility and will fit the majority of 10-15.8 ich laptops, supporting weight up to 40lbs. 

The best thing about this stand is not only that it’s ergonomic and allows you to adjust the stand from 3.15 inches to 5.12 inches, but also that it’s portable and lightweight - weighing just 1.09 pounds - and fully foldable, so this stand can easily be slipped in your backpack or purse without taking up much space. 


  • Allows you to achieve a more comfortable eye level when reading and working on your laptop 
  • Supports a wide range of laptop models 
  • Fully foldable, portable design 
  • Made of high-quality aluminum 
  • Rubber protective hooks and rubber anti-skid pads can firmly support and protect your notebook.
  • Heat dissipation hole



This desk converter allows you to smoothly transition your desk from sitting to standing height in a matter of seconds, so you can adapt your desk to your working style, rather than the other way around.

Standing desks can improve your posture, boost productivity and activate your core muscles as you move between sitting and standing. 

This low profile, slim design is adjustable between 2.5” to 16.9” and provides a large 32”x22” tabletop that’s able to accommodate up to 20lbs of weight.

With zero assembly, there’s no set-up required, and the gas spring arm allows you to easily lower or heighten your desk in a matter of seconds. 


  • Ergonomic design for more comfort and productivity 
  • Adjustable between 2.5” and 16.9” 
  • Provides a spacious tabletop that can accommodate up to 20lbs 
  • No set-up required 
  • Spring arm for easy adjustment in seconds


  • It’s a little expensive 


If you want something cute and functional, look no further. Ensure crumbs and pencil shavings are cleaned up in seconds thanks to this adorable ladybug-shaped mini vacuum cleaner. 

This pint-sized vacuum is great to have on hand to clean up crumbs and dust on your desk and will save you wasting tissues or paper towels on small jobs.

It’s battery operated so it’s completely wireless and portable, and has suction inlets and brushes on the base to help with cleaning. 

This mini vacuum is easy to empty and clean and will be good as new each time. It’s lightweight, convenient, and above all, super fun! Plus it will look great on your desk. 


  • Completely wireless 
  • Ideal for cleaning up small messes 
  • Compact and wireless 
  • Suction inlets and brushes on base 
  • The perfect companion for your desk 
  • Easy to empty


  • Batteries not included 


Is there anything more frustrating than your coffee going cold? Enter the Nomodo wireless mug warmer and drink cooler: keep your coffee or tea hot while you work thanks to the heated plate, or if you prefer things chilled, make use of the cooling plate instead. 

This is more than just a drink warmer/cooler, however. This nifty gadget actually charges your wireless-capable device by using Qi Fast Charging technology, ensuring your smartphone is always topped up on juice. This super convenient feature means fewer cords on your desk and a lot less trips to the coffee machine! 


  • 3-in-1 device: heater, cooler, and charger! 
  • Includes 12 oz mug designed to evenly distribute heat 
  • Saves space by keeping your drink and phone in one place 
  • One size fits most mugs/cans 
  • Light indicator tells you if your phone is charging 


  • Creates some noise that some users found distracting


A quality LED desk lamp is essential for reducing eye strain and boosting productivity and mood. This one from TaoTronics is equipped with 5 custom levels of brightness and four modes designed for work, study, reading, or relaxing. It also has a convenient USB port for recharging all of your devices easily. 

The multi-angle adjustments allow you to achieve optimized lighting by rotating the lamp arm up to 140° or swiveling the base by 180° for more direct illumination.

The 1-hour auto-off timer automatically turns the light off to save you money on your electricity bill. The touch control offers super easy operation and responsiveness, while the handy memory feature always remembers the brightness and mode last used. 


  • 5 custom levels of brightness and four modes 
  • Convenient USB port for charging your devices 
  • Adjustable for direct illumination 
  • 1-hour auto-off timer 
  • Responsive and easy to use touch controls 
  • Memory function remembers brightness and mode last used 


  • Made from plastic so not the most durable design 


Easily conduct zoom meetings or watch videos on your lunch break with this convenient height-adjustable phone stand for easy, hands-free viewing. 

Equipped with a weighted, anti-slip base, and an aluminum alloy rod, this phone stand lowers the center of gravity, accomodating a wide range of devices up to ten inches. 

The height can be easily adjusted between 7.1in-8.5in (1.4in adjustable range) and the angle between 5°~85°, providing you with a comfortable viewing angle to help improve your posture and reduce neck and back strain.

It also features an anti-slip design with the back and bottom of the stand featuring anti-skid silicone, providing your device with maximum protection from scratches and slides.


  • Adjustable height and angle for ergonomic viewing 
  • Allows hands-free use 
  • Weighted base and an aluminum rod for increased stability 
  • Anti-slip design protects your device from scratches 
  • Accommodates a range of smartphones and small tablets


  • It may not be suitable for devices over 10 inches 


Experience the benefits of light therapy with this full-spectrum light that’s capable of delivering bright light at up to 10,000 lux to provide you with your daily boost of sunshine. This UV-free LED means it’s completely safe for skin and eyes, providing no light pollution or radiation. 

It also has a convenient built-in timer that allows you to re-energize yourself by setting an automatic timer from 10-60min in 10-minute intervals.

You can long-press any button 1.5s to cancel the timing function, making this therapy lamp simple to use for everyone.

The compact size with foldable bracket makes the lamp easy to store and carry, allowing it to fit on your desk without taking up much space and can be packed away or carried in your bag conveniently. 


  • UV-free LED is completely safe for skin and eyes 
  • Provides brightness up to 10,000 lux 
  • No light pollution or radiation 
  • Automatic timer function 
  • Portable and foldable design


  • Effects aren’t always experienced by every one 


If you’re someone who reads a lot and struggles with issues such as eye strain, this LED page magnifier will seem like a gift from above.  

It’s equipped with 12 SMD led lights which are covered by an anti-glare reflector which allows you to direct evenly-distributed light to a designated area without causing glare to your eyes.

The Magnipros provides a large viewing area with a crystal-clear lens which means you’re not having to constantly move the magnifier as you read. The viewing area measures  4.5"x 7" and magnifies up to 300%, providing comfortable reading and reducing eye strain.

It’s also highly energy-efficient thanks to the 12 SMD LEDs controlled by a dimmable switch, allowing them to last 100,000+ hours without consuming as much power as traditional LEDs.

The lightweight design weighs just 6 ounces and has been ergonomically designed to fit most hands comfortably.  

The brightness level peaks at 720 lumens, which is the brightest on the market, and the LED is super durable - designed to last for more than 20 years without burning out or overheating.


  • Magnifies up to 300% for more comfortable reading 
  • Brightest on the market 
  • Anti-glare ensures even dissipation of light 
  • A large viewing area with crystal clear lens 
  • Ergonomic design to fit most hands 
  • Energy-efficient and highly durable LED


  • The build isn’t the best quality