Best Office Chair for Neck Pain

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What a pain in the neck! We’re talking about actual neck pain. Many of us spend a great deal of time sitting at a desk for work or entertainment purposes. Being in this position for a certain number of hours a day can take its toll on your neck.

It’s hard to imagine neck pain until you suffer from it. When you live with this constant pain, it can keep you from doing a range of everyday tasks.

Best Office Chair for Neck Pain

The worst part about neck pain is how easily it can happen without you noticing. One moment you are sitting comfortably writing the best piece of work in the history of mankind and the next you are in pain, unable to turn to your coworker to tell them.

Most of the time, this is due to your sitting position and office chair. Sitting all day is detrimental to your health and can cause long-term problems if you don’t sort out the root cause before long.

Most of the time, the addition of a new office chair can work wonders on your neck pain. A well-designed, ergonomic office chair can support your back and neck to prevent any strain from occurring during work hours.

We have delved into the world of these neck-saving chairs and found the top 5 office chairs for neck pain. Our buyer’s guide will help you understand what to look out for when investing in one so you can find the right chair for you.

Our FAQs section will then answer any burning queries that you may have over that burning feeling in your neck.

Is your neck crying out for a comfortable office chair? Here is our top choice to get you going!


With an array of fantastic features to keep you comfortable and pain-free at your desk, the Komene Ergonomic Office Chair could be the ideal solution for your neck pain.

Komene claims this chair reduces any chances of developing neck pain due to the proper head and neck support. This chair offers absolute comfort while preventing problems such as cervical spondylosis.

The Komene Office chair supports your spine and lumbar allowing you to stretch back 135 degrees. It is made from soft material to reduce pressure on your hips and rear end and decrease sedentary fatigue.

You can adjust the tilt of the chair to your standards as well as the height which can be pneumatically adjusted around 10 cm too.

The headrest on this chair is designed to fit the head and neck size of any height range. The more adjustability a chair has, the better chance it has of curing your neck pin.

Fortunately, Komene has designed this chair to tackle neck pain once and for all so you can finally work in a pain-free environment.


  • Designed specifically to prevent neck and back pain
  • Easily adjustable headrest to move for your specifications and achieve the most comfortable sitting position
  • Offers extra comfort with a mesh back and seat for added airflow 
  • Suitable for all height ranges and most body sizes up to 300 lbs
  • Has a recline function to tilt back 135 degrees to relax the back and neck muscles


  • Some users dislike the feel of the mesh seating so you may need a cushion


Next up is more of a gaming chair as opposed to a traditional office chair but it is ideal for both. Homall has designed a chair based on the shape of a racing car seat.

The chair comes with two pillows built-in with one being located behind the head and the other in the lumbar area.

Made from bicast leather covered in a layer of polyurethane, Homall’s gaming/office chair not only looks stylish but is also wear-resistant and skin-friendly. This chair can support a lot of weight (up to 300 lbs) and its high-density shaping foam will mold to your body for a comfortable feel.

You can sit up at a 90-degree angle and lean back 180 degrees giving you excellent back and neck support throughout.

A knob at the bottom allows you to rock the chair back and forth if required so you won’t have to strain your neck when looking at the computer screen again.


  • Excellent support for the head and lumbar region due to built-in pillows
  • Supremely comfortable with high-density shaping foam for more elasticity and resilience
  • Durable with a class 3 gas lift and a solid construction
  • Can support heavy weights of up to 300 lbs
  • Made with a recline function for easy adjustability while sitting


  • It can make a squeaking noise which may become irritating for some


The fact that our next model is called the BestMassage office chair, it is no surprise that it helps your neck pain brilliantly.

This chair comes with a high back and an attached pillow for the head and lumbar regions. It is specifically designed to fit the curvature of your spine for the most healthy sitting position.

The headrest’s pillow can be adjusted to fit people of varying heights while the padded armrests can flip up out of the way if required. You will be able to tilt back 130 degrees and sit up straight at a 90-degree angle.

The organization SGS certifies that the height adjuster on the BestMassage office chair uses high-purity nitrogen injection. This is a pipe wall that provides a comfortable feeling as well as smooth lifting.

You can choose from a variety of colors including black and blue or black and white so you can find one that suits your office space.

With a 15 minute assembly time, you could be sitting in your new BestMassage office very soon and saying goodbye to neck pain for good!


  • Supports the head, neck, and lumbar regions very well with additional pillows
  • Designed to fit the curvature of the human spine for maximum comfort and proper posture
  • Easily adjustable for varying height ranges
  • A variety of colors to choose from to suit your office environment


  • Some users report a strong odor when they first purchase the chair


If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art ergonomically designed office chair, then the SIHOO Office chair could be the one for you. It looks like something from the future and offers everything you need to support your neck and back.

This highly impressive chair was designed to help support your spine wonderfully. Although the exterior of this chair looks stylish and modern, it actually serves a purpose.

Its central support system includes flexible extensions that mimic your spine and ribs through individual pixelated support. It is like a backup backbone to support your spine and prevent stiffness while providing sheer comfort.

Your spine and back will be forever grateful to you if you invest in this office chair with backfit adjustments, layered cushioning for added support, and fully adjustable heights and depths.


  • Ultra-modern and stylish design to look great in any office or home environment
  • Includes back backfit adjustments to fit the contours of your spine and support you as you move
  • Offers pixelated and dynamic support with multiple flexible extensions throughout
  • Has layered support cushioning to provide unique and adequate support
  • It has fully adjustable heights, depths, tilt lock, and tilt tension to give you the most comfortable seating arrangement


Our final pick is designed to support numerous seating positions and prevent strain or stiffness. Ergohuman’s High Back Swivel chair sports a range of supportive features that are favored by government officials and office workers throughout the country.

Offering both comfort and style, this Ergohuman chair has a variety of options to suit your needs. It also offers an adjustable backrest height to suit most body sizes.

As the name suggests, the chair is ergonomically designed to offer full support for various postures throughout a long office day. Its 3 position tilt lock allows you to recline to a certain amount without putting any stress on your body parts.

If you suffer from neck pain, the pivoting headrest in the Ergohuman chair can help you a lot. Just adjust it to your liking and wave goodbye to any neck strain. With dynamic support for your neck and lumbar area, the Ergohuman Swivel chair should help you sit comfortably for years to come and forget about neck pain for good.


  • Includes an adjustable backrest, headrest, armrests, and seat design to offer superb support
  • Available with a leather or mesh design for absolute comfort and increased airflow
  • Built-in tilt lock safety feature to prevent tilting too far and causing a possible injury
  • A very loose and springy chair that is easy to move around
  • Offers dynamic lumbar support with easy movements to protect your lower back


  • Lumbar region isn’t manually adjustable for your preferred position
  • Its springy and loose nature can be too slack for some people

Best Office Chair for Neck Pain Buying Guide

Investing in an office chair that can help your neck pain is essential if you sit for long hours of the day. Many factors can lead to neck pain while sitting including posture and poor chair designs.

To rid yourself of neck fatigue, we are going to go through some of the most important features to look out for in good quality office chairs and how to stop neck pain for good.

Adjustable components

If you suffer from neck pain or backaches, you need to find a chair that can alleviate these issues through adjustments.

The best chairs for body strain should offer lumbar support that can raise or lower to fit the shape of your body. You should look for a chair that both increases and decreases the pressure on your back so you can sit comfortably.

The chair’s height should also be adjustable. Straining to see the computer screen from a certain angle is a leading cause of neck pain.

By simply adjusting the chair’s height, you can sit at the correct angle without putting pressure on your neck. The chair should be high enough so that your knees can bend at a 90-degree angle.

Lumbar support

Your neck isn’t the only body part that is at risk of pain when sitting in your office chair.

Your lumbar region can become tight and strained after long periods of sitting so finding an office chair that supports this region is critical.

Head and neck support

This may be the most important feature if you have a bad neck. Proper head and neck support will prevent you from straining and keeping your neck at an awkward angle.

It is easy to sit in an office chair for some time and not notice your leaning posture. Neck support will keep your head in one position but it should also be adjustable to suit your preferred position. 


You want a cushioning that will support you without being too soft or hard. Memory foam can be a great choice but these can compact becoming too hard at pressure points.

On the other hand, softer chairs can also be a hindrance and not offer enough support. These also have a shorter lifespan due to the softer materials that wear down quicker.

You can also choose coldpressed foam and certain foam mixes which offer the best support for longer periods. It is best to test different types to find the right one for your body type.

For those of you who are boney, softer chairs should help with your circulation while heavier frames will need firmer chairs for the best support.

Your feet and leg positions

Ideally, your feet should be under your seat. Feet that are stretched out in front of you can cause tension in your spine and neck. By resting them under your seat, you are giving them the most passive position possible.

Your legs should be relaxed and well supported with a little bend in them. They shouldn’t press into your seat or rest lightly on it.

Having the right leg position can improve circulation and increase stability. You should aim for a 45-degree angle at the knees but always take the height of your desk into consideration.

Your lower and upper back position

Your lower back should be supported with its natural curve. The best office chairs will adjust to fit your natural spinal shape to support it properly.

The best way to achieve this support is to push your rear end out a little and tilt your pelvis forward a bit. This way, your chair should hug the contour of your lower back and offer support to your torso.

You should position your torso over your hips but not behind or in front. Your chair should support you very well by not making it an effort to sit up straight.

Shoulders should be relaxed and pushed slightly back while your arms rest on the armrests rather than your desk. This way, your shoulders, and neck are supported by your elbows.

Your head and neck position

If you’re facing a screen, you should be looking straight ahead and not down or up. To check this, sit up straight in your chair and look ahead in comfort. Your ears should be over your shoulders for a comfortable position while watching the screen.

Chairs that have neck and head support should be supporting the base of your head or the top part of your neck. Your chin should be at a comfortable angle and not pointing outward. It is recommended that you set the chair’s support further back rather than forward as this will help your neck relax further.

You can also alleviate some pain by doing some simple back, neck, and core stretches or exercises every hour or so to ensure your posture stays upright and your shoulders don’t become rounded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mesh chairs better than upholstered models for neck pain?

This all depends on the make and model of the office chair. Mesh chairs are ideal if you work in a hot environment as the mesh allows for easy breathability and good circulation.

Mesh chairs tend to offer varying degrees of tension across their structures meaning some areas are harder or softer. 

These variable tensions are great at offering support in pressure point areas while molding to your body shape. Mesh chairs that offer better variable tension offer better support than traditional upholstered chairs. However, this isn’t the case across the whole range.

How do I make my chair more comfortable?

This can be done with some simple methods such as placing a small cushion behind your lower back for lumbar support or behind your upper back for shoulder support.

You can also use a blanket for extra cushioning but overall, you need to ensure your office chair is in the correct position to reduce neck stress and pain.