Best Ergonomic Mouse Pad

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Do you spend a lengthy amount of time sitting in front of your computer? If so, you are likely accustomed to the feeling of discomfort and fatigue that develops when using a mouse with little support.

While standard mousepads are sufficient in allowing the mouse to glide smoothly, they lack supportive features. This is where an ergonomic mouse pad comes in.

A mousepad of this kind is designed with padding that alleviates the wrist by positioning your hand at a more neutral curve which helps to relieve any pressure or stress. 

Best Ergonomic Mouse Pad

The market is filled with offerings of mousepads, however, they don't all possess ergonomic qualities. Even those that do, may not provide the relief that you would expect.

People often have different preferences when it comes to comfort.

To make the process of selecting the most worthy ergonomic mouse pad less challenging on your behalf, we have reviewed our top 5 picks of the best options available. Below, we have also provided you with a buyer's guide with all of our top tips.

If you are in a hurry, we have identified our top pick for you below.


Are you looking for a mousepad that is going to introduce elegance to your workspace whilst also providing you with the support that you require?

If so, this Dooke Ergonomic Mouse Pad could be the perfect choice for you. This mousepad is available in a selection of patterns and designs each with a beautiful aesthetic. 

The mousepad measures 9.4" x 8.3" and is 0.9" thick. The sizing of the surface area means that you can move your mouse comfortably without any restrictions.

For durability, this pad features reinforced edges that are resistant to fraying and damage. These edges will also prevent the mouse from escaping from the pad. 

In regards to comfort, the cushioning of this mousepad has been made using memory foam fabric.

Because of this, it is going to contour to the shape of your hand providing excellent support while improving your comfort.

The slight raise of this cushioning also ensures that your hand isn't overstretched and positioned at an uncomfortable angle. 

To prevent unnecessary movement, this pad features an anti-slip base that will refrain from unnecessary movement instead maintaining a secure grip to the surface of your desk. This will allow you to work or play video games without having to worry about sudden or unexpected movements of the mousepad. 


  • The reinforced edges of this mousepad resist damage and also stop the covering from peeling.
  • The memory foam provides a comfortable surface for you to rest your wrist.
  • The anti-slip base prevents the pad from moving around on the surface.
  • The smooth covering allows the mouse to glide over the pad with ease.
  • The quality of the fabric prevents wrist irritations.


  • Unfortunately, the pattern and colors are prone to fading rather quickly.


The Soqool Store Ergonomic Mouse Pads are designed to enhance your comfort as you use your computer mouse. The shaping of the mouse pad allows for natural movement while ensuring that your wrists are provided with plenty of support. 

To elevate your wrists at a comfortable angle, this mousepad incorporates gel cushioning. The slightness of the downward sloping ensures that your wrist is positioned at an angle where it isn't subject to strain or pressure.

Similar to our previous picks, the base of the pad has been made from a rubberized non-slip material that is going to grip to the surface of the desk to prevent unwanted movement. 

Smooth lycra has been used to make the covering of the pad. While this is soft against the skin it also allows for precise and consistent mouse movement without snagging and it is suitable for optical and laser sensors.

Furthermore, the breathability of this material eliminates the build-up of sweat and moisture for a comfortable user experience. 

Should you accidentally spill something onto the surface of this mousepad, you will be pleased to know that it can be easily cleaned.

Simply wipe over the surface of the mouse pad using a damp cloth and any marks and stains will disappear. Because of this, it is a durable option that will refrain from becoming damaged easily.


  • You are provided with 2 mouse pads so there is a backup option available.
  • This is a non-toxic mouse pad that has been made using environmentally friendly materials.
  • Affordably priced, these mouse pads are a great budget option.
  • It is washable for easy cleaning.
  • The cooling gel-filled cushioning provides support and comfort to the wrist.


  • The cushioning is a little firm which some may find uncomfortable. 


The cushioning of the Amazon Basics Gel Computer Mousepad conforms to the contours of your wrist to ensure that you are provided with plenty of support to use the mouse comfortably.

The width of the gel cushioning is the length of the base and because of this, it accommodates wrists of any size.

Measuring 8 x 10" this mousepad is compact in size and an unobtrusive addition to desks that are restricted on available space. It is also designed with a rubberized base that will prevent it from moving on the surface where it is placed so you can move the mouse without disruption.

The thick cloth covering is compatible with all types of computer mouses' allowing for smooth and precise movement.

This material is also breathable so it can be used for prolonged periods without collecting sweat which is likely to become uncomfortable. This also prevents chafing of the wrists which could lead to potential irritations.

The height of the gel cushioning positions your wrist at an elevated angle helping to eliminate any pressure or strain.


  • This mouse pad is covered by a 1 year limited warranty should you experience any issues.
  • The compact size means that this mouse pad fits almost anywhere.
  • The gel cushioning provides a comfortable wrist rest.
  • This mouse pad can be easily cleaned when needed.
  • The quality of the covering allows for easy movements without snagging.


  • Over time, the edges of the mousepad are prone to curling and warping. 


As an upgraded product, the Gimars Ergonomic Mousepad is an improved version of a previous offering from the brand. The use of soft material to create the covering enhances the comfort of the user while ensuring that the mouse glides precisely and efficiently.

Aside from this, the material is breathable and will not gather sweat and moisture which could lead to chafing and irritations.

The memory foam cushioning supports the wrist and retains its shape by slowly bouncing back. The quality of this memory foam prevents the onset of wrist fatigue and discomfort, particularly important if you are likely to be using your computer for prolonged periods.

Along with the mousepad, you are provided with a keyboard wrist rest pad that can be positioned in front of your computer. This allows you to rest the wrist you use to type as well as the wrist that you use to maneuver the mouse.

Just like this mousepad, the keyboard pad has a memory foam filling with a soft lycra covering for improved comfort and support. 

As a larger mousepad, it provides you with plenty of room to move the mouse freely. It is also likely to accommodate most computer mouses' too.

It is also designed with a natural rubber backing that grips to the surface of the desk to prevent unwanted and unexpected movement that could affect the completion of the task.


  • The grooved design of the padding contours to the shape of your hand. 
  • The double stuck edges are resistant to curling and splitting.
  • The rubber base will keep the mouse pad securely positioned.
  • You are provided with a keyboard wrist support too.
  • The use of soft and breathable materials enhances the comfort of the mousepad.


  • Some may find the height of the cushion too low and ineffective in providing the support they require. 
  • A bit more expensive than other mouse pads on this list

Best Ergonomic Mouse Pad Buying Guide

As you can see there are many different ergonomic mouse pads available, however, some will be better suited to your needs than others.

We have identified some criteria that we would advise you to consider before making your purchase below.

The Cushioning Material

First, you will need to consider what type of material you would find the most comfortable inside the cushioning. Gel is softer and cooler against the skin.

Memory foam is firmer but it contours to the shape of your hand for improved support. The quality of the material that is used for the cushioning will impact how effective it is in providing you with the comfort that you need. 

The type that you choose is also likely to be determined by what you are using the mouse and computer for and also how long you are going to be using it for. 

It is also important to consider the material of the pad itself. It needs to be firm but also smooth enough to allow the mouse to glide across it without snagging.

The most common materials are polyurethane, lycra, and vinyl. If the mousepad is used around liquids ensure that it possesses waterproof qualities that it resists damage in the event of a spillage.

The Hand Orientation

While many mousepads are more generally designed, others have been made to cater to a specific hand orientation. Essentially the cushion will be molded to offer the best support to either your right or left hand.

Some may prefer a general mousepad but other customers may appreciate one that is specifically made for use with a particular hand. 

The Breathability

The ventilation of the mousepad is also important. As such, a breathable mousepad will allow sweat and moisture to dissipate rather than gather in the material.

This is important for those who are likely to be spending lengthy amounts of time using the computer, but also for those who are subject to the development of skin irritations. A breathable mouse pad allows you to rest and move your hand much more comfortably. 

The Anti - Slip Base

A mousepad that refuses to remain where it is placed and moves around on the surface in which it is placed can be particularly annoying, especially when you are trying to use the mouse to complete an important task.

Those that have been designed with an anti-slip base will remain where you position them. Some options can be stuck to the surface of your desk so it is guaranteed to stay exactly where you want it to. 

The Size Of The Mousepad

Mousepads are available in a variety of sizes and the one that you require is going to be determined by the space that you have available on your desk and also how much you are likely to be moving your hand.

Those with a wider surface area allow you to move the mouse comfortably, and those that are smaller provide a compact option for those who are limited in available space. 

The Height Of The Cushioning

An ergonomic mouse pad is intended to keep your wrist in a neutral position for improved comfort and support. The height of the cushioning will determine how effective it is in fulfilling this purpose.

One that is too high will require you to elevate your hand more making the development of wrist fatigue a much more likely occurrence. On the other hand, if the cushioning is too low your arm is going to be positioned at an angle that places more strain and pressure on your wrist.

You must ensure that the cushioning of the mousepad is sufficiently sized allowing you to rest your hands comfortably.

Cleaning The Mousepad

If you are likely to be eating or drinking on the same surface as your computer and mouse, at some point a spillage of some kind may inevitably occur. Should this happen, the mousepad should be easy to clean and resistant to staining.

Many are washable simply requiring you to wipe over the surface to remove the remnants of the spill. This is also helpful for hygienic purposes.

If you have been using the mouse pads for a lengthy amount of time during warmer weather, the ability to clean the pad once you have finished using the computer makes it easier to maintain the cleanliness and freshness. 

The Quality

The quality of the materials used to make the mousepad will influence how long it lasts.

For many, the mousepad is going to be used regularly and so it needs to maintain its quality without becoming grubby in appearance.

The Price

On the whole, ergonomic mousepads tend to be a rather affordable purchase with many retailing below the $15 price range. Because of this, even those working with a tighter budget are bound to find a mousepad that caters to their needs.

It is important to ensure that your mousepad of choice boasts the quality and comfort that you require to relieve any stress and discomfort that is currently felt by your hands and wrists. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hard mousepads good?

Optical computer mouses' tend to glide well on hard and soft surfaces so the type that you choose isn't going to make a huge difference.

If you require the mousepad for gaming, you will likely benefit from a hard mousepad because it will allow for quicker and more precise movements.

How do I stop my wrist from hurting when using a mouse?

To prevent your wrist from hurting as you use a mouse you should ensure that the mouse isn't positioned too far out of your reach.

You don't want to have to stretch to reach the mouse and so it should be placed at the side of your keyboard. Also, try not to place too much pressure onto your wrists as you type or use the mouse.