Best Ergonomic Mouse For Carpal Tunnel

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Suffering isn’t ennobling, recovery is - Christian Barnard 

An old gym buddy of ours used to delight in telling everyone that would listen that pain was just weakness leaving the body. He was wrong.

Chronic pain and suffering are, unfortunately, something that too many of us end up dealing with in the digital age, and an all too common cause of both, is the machine that was supposed to make all of our lives easier, the computer.

Endless hours of writing emails and reports and clicking on a mouse to highlight sections of the latter and correct mistakes in the former can lead you to develop repetitive strain injuries, or in the worst-case scenario, carpal tunnel syndrome.  

And as anyone who has been plagued by, or continues to suffer from carpal tunnel will willingly tell you, the pain it causes can be crippling.

While the only permanent cure for carpal tunnel syndrome is unfortunately surgery, there are ways of reducing the level of discomfort it can cause, which can also help to head carpal off the pass before it becomes a problem.

The simplest and most effective way is by swapping the standard mouse that you use with your computer set-up for an ergonomic model that’s been purpose-designed to prevent and ease the suffering caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.

That’s why we’ve found five of the best ergonomic mice (or mouses if you prefer) for carpal tunnel so that you can continue to be as productive as you’ve always been without having to suffer for your work or art.

Being pain-free is just a click away, so let’s take a look at the best way to ward off, and fight carpal tunnel syndrome in the office and at home… 


Even though it doesn’t conform to the usual design specifications of an ergonomic mouse, Logitech’s MX Master 3 has been engineered to remove all the stress points that can trigger, and help to exacerbate, carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury.

It’s been made to ease the pressure that constant use of a mouse places on your wrist and to easily glide over just about any surface that you use it on, even glass.

Built with intuitive thumb and finger controls, the MX Master 3 is five times more precise than a standard mouse and up to ninety times, depending on the person using it, faster.

Utilizing pre-designed app-specific profiles, the Master 3 is also infinitely customizable, so can you make it work to your strengths and ensure that it will fit around the way that you work rather than you having to adapt to the way that it works.

And thanks to its flow across computer controls, you can use it to make your projects come to life on up to three different machines at once. It’ll help you to refine your concentration and focus and will keep the pain at bay at the same time.

Best of all though, whether you want to use it with the supplied USB interface or connect it to your machines using Bluetooth, it’ll work equally well.

And it will also run for nearly seventy days from a single full, USB charge. Which means that you won’t even have to plug the Logitech in if it’s charged, you can just switch it on and you’ll be ready to go. 


  • Designed to be intuitive, easy to use, and to keep your wrist and fingers pain-free, the Master 3 can be used to control the action on three devices at once.
  • If you don’t have enough USB space on your laptop to use while you're working or gaming, don’t worry. It’ll connect to your computer using Bluetooth, and all you have to do is literally switch it on and it’ll be ready to use.
  • The mag speed wheel and electromagnetic control that help to control the Master 3 also means that it’s quiet. And when we say quiet, we mean it’s so quiet that you could drop a pin while you were using it and you’d be able to hear that pin hit the floor.
  • And it will switch on, run and do exactly what you want it to for up to seventy days from a single, full USB charge. Seventy whole days. That isn’t just remarkable, it’s miraculous.
  • It also comes with Logitech’s limited one year hardware guarantee. If it fails to do what it’s supposed to in that year, due to mechanical failure or design error (which it, fortunately, isn’t bothered by), then Logitech will either replace it or refund you. 


  • All of the operational and technological bells and whistles that make this mouse the go-to piece of hardware kit for any dedicated laptop user mean that it’s far from cheap, but it is a serious investment that will make sure that you remain pain-free and untroubled by carpal tunnel syndrome or some of its slightly less painful acquaintances. 


The world is changing and so are Jelly Comb, and everything that they design and make is created to keep up with the modern world and the way that people work.

Keyboard and mouse specialists, Jelly Comb’s sole reason for being is to make the workplace and home office more user friendly and much kinder to your daily needs.

Even though Jelly Comb freely admits that their wireless vertical mouse takes some time to get used to, it has been scientifically designed to be used in the neutral, handshake position which reduces the strain that it places on your wrist and fingers to an absolute minimum.

But when you do get used to it? You’ll wonder why you ever bothered using a flat mouse, and you’ll never want to go back to the old ways as you’ll be more than happy to embrace the pain-free future that the Jelly Comb mouse offers.

And the high-resolution optical tracking technology that it uses means that this wireless mouse is much more responsive than a standard mouse and can be used on a far greater number of surfaces.

So you won’t be chained to the mouse mat that used to govern the range of your mouse’s domain. Where your hand wants to go, your mouse will follow and no matter where that is you’ll always remain in full control of your cursor.

Jelly Comb has also tested their mouse to the point of destruction and far beyond, and it survived everything that they did to it and just kept on clicking.

And talking about clicking, part of that testing procedure was their five million click test which hit the buttons on the mouse, more times than you ever will in a dozen lifetimes, and it sailed through and, as we’ve already said, just kept on clicking. 


  • Contoured to support your palm and cradle your thumb and finger, the ergonomic design allows smoother movement and is designed to prevent the wrist strain that a traditional mouse can cause
  • The DPI (dots per inch) button on the mouse allows you to effortlessly switch between eight hundred, twelve hundred, or sixteen hundred dpi to control the responsiveness of whatever you’re doing or working on. 


  • Even though Jelly Comb advertises a high degree of device compatibility, and claims that their mouse can work with almost every device, there is an issue with Apple products. It’ll work fine with any Windows laptop but might not even get off the starting line if you’re using a Macbook.
  • And it isn’t kind to batteries either and chews its way through them at an incredible rate, so you’re going to need to have a packet or two of AA batteries on stand by while you’re using it, as you will need them.


Lekvey believes in putting their customers first and all the products that they design and manufacture are constantly tweaked and adjusted according to customer feedback and suggestions.

It’s one of the main reasons we’re so enamored by them. That and the fact that their ergonomic mouse really is a league of its own.

Engineered to ensure that your hand always remains in the natural handshake position while it’s using this mouse, it’s been made to completely remove any of the strain that a standard mouse would inflict on your fingers and wrist.

The page back and forward function that the mouses uses has been optimized to make web browsing quick and easy and with a touch of a button, it’ll flip between eight hundred, twelve hundred and sixteen hundred dpi (dots per inch) so that the resolution that you’re working at suits you, rather the system that you’re using.

Made to be as user-friendly and adaptable as possibly, Lekvey’s mouse for all seasons rigidly adheres to a plug and play simplicity.

Just slot the USB wireless control unit into your laptop and the mouse will be ready to use, and while you’re using it it’ll charge directly from the same USB connecter. Straightforward and safe, it’s a mouse that’s been designed with you in mind. 


  • Engineered to minimize the strain that it places on your wrist, and to ensure that your palm, thumb, and fingers are comfortable at all times, Lekvet’s mouse is all set to fight off the forces of Carpal Tunnel each and every single time that you use it.
  • And you don’t have to worry about feeding it batteries either, as soon as it’s plugged into your laptop, it’ll be ready to go and will charge directly the source that it’s plugged into.
  • There’s a reason why the Lekvey is one of the best selling Ergonomic mouses in America and that’s because it’s not only simple to set up and easy to use, it’s also incredibly affordable.


  • It’s all of the above as long as you use a Windows-friendly laptop or computer. If you subscribe to the Apple way of doing things, you’re going to need to move along. The Lekvey isn’t for you and it isn’t the ergonomic mouse that you’re looking for.
  • It can be a little too quick to power down if you leave it alone for more than fifteen seconds and as quick as it is power down, it’s just as slow to power back up when you start using it again. The lag can be annoying and more than a little frustrating.


Known as the Ergo by Delux, this wireless mouse has been designed to halt the effects, and progress, of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and repetitive strain injury in their tracks.

You might not have heard of Delux, but with a hundred different mouse manufacturers all vying for your custom, it isn’t the name on the mouse that matters, it’s what it can do. And the Ergo does everything that you’ll need, and want, it too and much, much more.

Made to be used in a handshake position that’ll take the strain off your wrist and let your palm, thumb, and fingers rest comfortably while you’re using it, the Ergo is a simple, easy to use mouse that’s been built to put the fun back into using your laptop.

With an effective range of thirty feet, just plug it into your computer, select which DPI setting suits you best and you’ll be ready for pain and stress-free action.

As with all ergonomic, joystick style controls, Delux warns that it’ll take a little time to get used to using the mouse, but to make sure that the process of learning to use it is as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, they’ve also included a removable wrist guard.

It’s everything that could want in an ergonomic mouse and does everything that it’s supposed to do with style and grace.


  • With an effective range of thirty feet, you’ll easily be able to find the right position to use your ergonomic mouse.
  • With a wrist guard and a DPI selector, and a natural handshake position, this ergonomic mouse has been built to dismiss Carpal Tunnel and make using your laptop fun again. And as it’s a plug and play model, it’s ready to use straight out of the box, so you can get straight on with whatever it is that you’re doing.
  • And it’s priced to put a smile on your face and keep your pocketbook safe from harm - which is always an added bonus. 


  • If you’re a Mac user this must be getting increasingly frustrating, as the Delux suffers from the same issues that a lot of other ergonomic mouse(s) do - a lack of compatibility with Apple products. Why this is the case, we don’t know, but it seems to be a factor that far too many ergonomic mice are troubled by.


Anker’s ergonomic mouse has been designed with the future in mind and was engineered to bridge the gap between class, comfort, and functionality.

Created to leave the past where it firmly belongs, in the past, this mouse has been made with you in mind, so you can keep working, surfing the net, and doing all of the things that you joined the digital revolution to do without having to worry about the stress and strain that a conventional mouse would put on your hand, wrist, and arm.

Created to use the natural position of your wrist, palm, and thumb, Anker's ergonomic mouse uses an intuitive five-button control system to give you full access to everything that you’re working on with a simple click.

Its optical tracking technology has been designed to allow it to be used on any number of different surfaces and its easy to control DPI interface means that you switch between eight hundred, twelve hundred, and sixteen hundred dpi with ease so that you can focus on what you’re doing the way you want to instead of being forced into doing things the way your laptop wants you to do them.

And when you’re not using it, Anker’s mouse will power down after eight minutes, and when you want it to spring back into life, all you need to do is click the left or right button and it’ll pick up where you, and it, left off.

Sticking to the philosophy that simple and straightforward always work best, this ergonomic mouse was built to make sure that your life stays pain-free and easy. 


  • It’s an ergonomic mouse that’s been designed to ward off the effects of carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injury at a price that won’t break your bank balance or beat your pocketbook up.
  • Intuitive and easy to use it’s been designed to be used straight out of the box. Just plug it into your laptop and you’ll be ready to start working, gaming, or surfing the net with a wrist friendly mouse. 


  • The good news is that unlike most ergonomic mice, Anker’s mouse will work with Mac’s OS (operating system). The bad news is that it’ll lose a certain degree of functionality if it is used in conjunction with Apple hardware. And as with most of the other models in our list, we have no idea why that should be the case or why the companies responsible for making them don’t seem to have taken Mac users into account.

Best Ergonomic Mouse For Carpal Tunnel Buying Guide

Which Ergonomic Mouse Is The Right One For Me?

That depends entirely on what your budget is and which operating system your laptop or computer uses, Windows or Mac.

Unfortunately, if you are dedicated to Apple, the only ergonomic mouse that’ll effectively work with your Mac is the Logitech Master 3, which while being the most expensive mouse on our list, is also the most functional and technologically advanced option.

However, the floor is open for Windows users, and the only thing that will limit your choice of ergonomic mouse is your budget.

So, once you’ve set it, read through our list again and make your choice accordingly. Here’s to a pain-free future with your new ergonomic mouse. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is caused by undue pressure on the major nerve in your wrist that can cause tingling, numbness, and pain in your hands and fingers.

The early warning signs of Carpal Tunnel are the aforementioned tingling and numbness often in the middle finger or palm of your hand that is usually caused by the median nerve reacting to external pressure.

Often associated with overuse of a computer keyboard and mouse, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is becoming an increasingly common problem that often plagues office workers and writers or anyone whose job involves spending extended amounts of time surfing the internet.

While the most common cure for CTS is usually surgical, its symptoms can be alleviated, which can lead to a natural resolution, with rest and physiotherapy and the use of an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. It can be incredibly painful with sufferers often complaining that it feels like a series of electric shocks when the symptoms begin to manifest.

What Is An Ergonomic Mouse?

An ergonomic mouse is a computer mouse that has been designed to fit the human body rather than a computer or laptop.

Engineered to allow the user to keep their arms, wrist, hand, and fingers, and thumb in a more natural position (often referred to as the handshake position) an ergonomic mouse is a proven way to alleviate and ward off the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injuries.