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Where you work is incredibly important. Whether you’re an illustrator or an accountant, you need to create an inspirational and comfortable workspace. 

When you consider comfort at your desk, you likely think of having a supportive chair and a soft mouse mat. But a desk pad can also help. Desk pads are thin pads that will protect your desk. But they will also provide a soft surface for you to work on.

If you work from home but don’t have a dedicated office, a desk pad can help you get in the right frame of mind for working.

If you work at your kitchen table, laying out a desk pad on a Monday morning and arranging your workspace can make you feel more like you’re “at work”.

Then, on Friday afternoon, you can pack everything on your desk pad away and your kitchen will stop being your makeshift office.

To help you find the foundation of your perfect workspace, we have put together a list of the best desk pads available. Read on or scroll down to check out the best options available, plus a few tips to guide you through the buying process.

Tired of your workspace but want to make it more appealing ASAP? No problem, skip the list and check out our top pick for the best desk pad.


Material(s): PU Leather/PU Leather and Cork
Dimensions: 23.6”x13.7”/31.5”x15.7”/35.4”x17”
Colors Available: Aconite Violet and Eosine Pink/Black/Calamine Blue and Cobalt Green/Cork and Black/Cork and Dark Pink/Cork and Gray/Cork and Light Blue/Cork and Mud/Dark Gray/Dark Tyrian Blue and Yellow/Glaucous Green and Orange/Grayish Lavender and Cinnamon Buff/Gray/Pink/Pistachio Green and Green Blue/Yellow and Taro Purple.

Our top pick is this formal desk pad from YSAGi. This is a great desk pad if you’re looking for a way to brighten up your workspace.

This desk pad is available in a wide range of colors and color combinations. This means that you will surely find a color that will suit your office decor and work accessories.

This is also a great desk pad if you want to protect your desk. Especially from spills and stains. If you’re prone to spilling your coffee or eat your lunch at your desk, this is ideal.

This desk pad is waterproof and oilproof. It can be easily wiped down with a cloth and allowed to air dry.

This is even true of the versions of this desk pad that have a cork underside. These cork versions are also great as they are much more eco-friendly than other desk pads.

Although these desk pads are flexible and can be easily rolled up and transported, they are still sturdy. These desk pads are made from multiple layers of material that will also provide you with support.

They are still relatively thin but will provide you with support and a softer surface to work on. This means that, if you often lean on your elbows while working, they won’t hurt due to the hard and unforgiving surface.


  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Double-sided
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Available in multiple sizes


Material(s): PU Leather
Dimensions: 25.6”x15.8”/27.5x15.8”/27.5”x18.9”/31.5”x15.8”/31.5”x18.9”/35.4”x15.8”/35.4x18.9”
Colors Available: Black/Coffee/Gray

Although this desk pad is primarily made from PU leather, it is very hard and sturdy. Unlike most other options, this desk pad cannot be rolled up. If you have a temporary workspace, then this might be a slight issue.

But, if you have a dedicated workspace, the material of this desk pad is ideal. Desk pads that roll up are useful for packing away your equipment at the end of the day.

But this means that they are made from a material that is prone to stretching and wearing out. This will be especially irritating if you use a separate keyboard and mouse. The material will potentially bunch up or stretch as you move your mouse.

This is definitely not the case with this desk pad. This desk pad will make moving your mouse much smoother and easier. This is ideal if you have a very smooth and shiny desk surface, such as plastic or glass.

This PU leather will provide more resistance for the mouse. This is a much better feature than it sounds. Rather than skidding across a shiny surface, this desk pad will allow you to have a lot more control over your mouse.

The most impressive, and clever, feature of this desk pad is the locking edge. One long edge of the desk pad is slightly folded down.

This means that, when the desk pad is placed on the desk, the folded edge sits over the edge of the desk. This will further help the desk pad staying in place. As will the non-slip matte fluff on its underside.


  • Available in three colors
  • Hooks onto the edge of the desk
  • Made from a thick and sturdy material
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • Expensive


Material(s): Felt
Dimensions: 31.3” x 15.7”
Colors Available: Gray

The material of this desk pad is quite different from other options available. It is made from a non-slip felt that is popular in many modern offices.

This is a great option if you’re struggling with your keyboard and mouse moving over your desk. This would be ideal for a plastic or glass desk that is very smooth.

But, this material might be a little difficult to use, depending on the tools you use. A handheld mouse might be difficult to move across the felt.

This depends on the base of your mouse. Due to this, a desk pad might be better suited for someone who works with a laptop or a notebook.

This desk pad is only available in one color. But it is a very neutral light gray. This is perfect for offices that have a muted style.

It is also ideal if you’re looking for desk pads for a communal office. The color will be acceptable for most people. This is a very professional color.

The style of this desk pad, as mentioned before, is very modern. Gray felt is popping up more and more in office interiors. So this desk pad will help to make your office look modern and professional.


  • Made from non-slip materials
  • Very affordable
  • Made from a soft and supportive material


  • Rough surface


Material(s): Cork and PU Leather
Dimensions: 24”x14”/32”x16”/36”x17”/39”x20”
Colors Available: Black/Coffee/Dark Gray/Grayish Brown/Light Blue/Light Gray/Light Green/Light Pink/Navy Blue/Reddish Brown/Rose Red/Violet

One of the best features of this desk pad is the eco-friendly material. This is, of course, great for the environment, but it is also very practical.

Cork is a smooth material to work on and the PU leather top will allow your mouse to move easily across. The cork underside will also be naturally non-slip.

The cork material will also provide a very soft surface to work on. This combination of PU leather and cork means that you will have a certain amount of cushioning on your desk.

But it won’t be so soft that it will be awkward to use. It will still provide enough resistance that you won’t feel as though you’re digging into it as you press down on your keyboard.

This desk pad is also available in four different sizes and a huge range of colors. It is also waterproof and scratch-resistant.

So you won’t have to worry about it being damaged by any spillages. Or any accidental cutlery mishaps if you eat your lunch at your desk.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch-resistant.


  • Heavy


Material: PU Leather
Dimensions: 23.6”x13.7”/31.5”x15.7”/36”x17”
Colors Available: Black/Brown/Dark Blue/Gray/Lavender/Lemon Chrome/Light Blue/Light Gray/Olive Green/Purple/Rose Red/Rufous/Vivid Green/White

This desk pad is a great option if you want something similar to a traditional leather desk pad. But don’t want to pay the high price of a real leather pad. Or, perhaps you just don’t like using leather products.

Made from PU leather, this desk pad is similar to some other options on this list. And it is available in many different colors. But we have chosen this specific desk pad as its brown option most closely resembles that of real leather.

The top material is PU leather and this is designed to be the main work side. But, if you prefer, you can flip it over and work on the other side.

The underside is made from a material described as “cork suede” (but this still doesn’t contain animal products). This will be a more unique and softer material to work directly on. But, that said, the PU leather side won’t work as well as the cork suede as it will be more prone to slipping.

This desk pad is waterproof and any spills can be easily wiped off with a wet or dry cloth. This is useful in general. But it is especially useful for the lighter colors, especially the white option. As you’re likely to have a tea or coffee at your desk, they would otherwise likely stain the desk pad.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Very thin

Best Desk Pad Buying Guide

Reasons for Buying a Desk Pad

When you imagine a desk pad, you might first see a dark leather pad on a dark wooden desk in the traditional office of a lawyer or someone with a very serious (and well-paying) profession.

But desk pads aren’t just luxurious items. You might be looking at this list and wondering if you really need a piece of material to lay over the surface of your desk. Although a desk pad isn’t a necessity, it’s a very affordable way of changing up your workspace.

As mentioned above, a desk pad can just add a bit of color to your workspace. This can brighten it up and make it a more formal space. It can also help to protect your desk or cover an already damaged desk.


The size of a desk pad can vary but most are long and rectangular. A desk pad likely won’t cover the entire surface of your desk.

But it will help create a dedicated space for working. Looking at a big expanse of space might not seem like it will have much of an effect. But it can be quite distracting for some people.

Using a desk pad allows you to divide up your workspace. If you have a large desk, a great way to create your workspace is to lay out a desk pad at the front and center.

On this pad, you can lay out your main work tools, then surround them with other items that you need. This can be storage for filing, pens, and other items. As well as your coffee mug and phone.

Having a dedicated workspace is great for focus. Sitting there tells your mind that you’re ready to work. Having dedicated and organized spaces within your workspace can keep you feeling calm and focused.

A desk pad is a great way to organize your space and so organize your mind and your work.


The material of your desk pad is also a very important factor to consider. The vast majority of desk pads will be made from PU leather. This usually provides a smooth surface for your mouse to move across.

But it is also waterproof which is useful if you often have a cup of coffee near you and you are a bit of a klutz. Depending on the manufacturer, the PU leather might also be scratch and tear-resistant.

But this isn’t always the case so make sure to double-check. If the material is quite thin, usually thinner than a coin, then it will potentially be of poor quality and likely to tear or scratch. (But that isn’t a hard and fast rule).

It’s also important to consider the underside material of your desk pad. This is just as important as the top material, if not more so. It’s important to find a desk pad that has a non-slip material on its underside.

Otherwise, even with a heavy monitor and keyboard weighing it down, the desk pad will likely slip regularly. This can cause your monitor to fall. Or it can just be very annoying. Especially if it causes the desk pad to move around or bunch up as you use your mouse.

Try to find a desk pad with a cork or rubber underside. There are other options such as suede or felt. But these are often very smooth or will become smooth over time and move around.

Cork or rubber provide a lot more friction so will be less likely to move around. Cork is generally the better option as it is a more eco-friendly material.

If you can, try and find a desk pad made entirely from cork. This might be a little uncomfortable but there are some options available with an eco-friendly top side too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a desk pad?

This depends on the material of your desk pad. Many desk pads can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth.

But, if your laptop is made from a more absorbent material, it might be best to use a dry cloth. If you have spilled a liquid on your desk pad, such as a cup of coffee, then take some paper towels or a dry cloth and dab at the spill.

A desk pad, generally, will be very easy to clean. This is one of the purposes of a desk pad. They are often used to protect desks from spills and stains. So they will usually be easy to just wipe down.

Are desk pads mouse mats?

Sort of. Desk pads are much smaller than mouse mats and aren’t always made from the same material. Mouse mats are generally made from foam or rubber with a bonded surface. Some desk pads are made from this material. But they can also be made from cork, leather, and other materials.

The vast majority of desk pads will be suitable to use a mouse on. Desk pads should be big enough to place your computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse on. This means that it is necessary for the desk pad to be a suitable surface for a mouse to move across.

If you buy a desk pad and your mouse cannot move easily across it, then it is not of good enough quality. A desk pad should be suitable for everything that you would normally place on a desk. A desk pad should make your workspace organized and easier to work on, not more difficult.