Best Desk Gadgets

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If you’re anything like us, then you’re always on the hunt for the next best desk gadget - something to revolutionize your working life and give you a little serotonin boost when times get tough. There are so many available these days!

Unlike other articles, which provide you a long list of useless junk or overpriced unnecessaries, we’ve actually thought about what the average worker needs and might find useful. AKA: all of our gadgets serve a purpose beyond being cool.

Read on to make going to work every day - especially if you’re working from home, as more and more of us are - as bearable, even enjoyable, as possible. Beware: you’ll probably end up spending some serious cash!

Without further ado - our top ten desk gadgets.


Never again feel the pain of taking a big old sip of delicious coffee, only to find it has suddenly become lukewarm when you weren’t paying attention. Behold: the desktop mug warmer from Vobaga, which may just be your new best friend.

With three different temperatures to choose from, you can maintain an ambient drinking temperature or keep your beverage piping hot depending on your preference. Switch between 104, 131 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit as you see fit!

No need to panic about the potential hazards, as the automatic shutdown function ensures that the device cuts out after four hours of continuous use - a flashing blue light indicates that the heating plate is still hot until it is properly cooled down.

Made from durable, high tech materials, the water and heat resistant warmer is practically spill-proof, so even the office clutz can keep their coffee warm without worrying about damage. Cleanup is also as efficient as wiping with a damp cloth.

Do be aware that your mug of choice needs to be suitable for use: it should be thin walled, with a flat bottom (slightly concave is also fine), but tableware, stainless steel and glass are all absolutely fine and safe to use.


  • Auto shut off function, LED light to indicate heat
  • Three different temperature settings
  • Spill-proof design - resistant to water and heat
  • Certified safe under UL1026


  • Has a UL plug rather than a USB connector


Sick and tired of running out of USB space for all of your desk gadgets? That’s a problem of the past with this four port hub from tech giants Anker, compatible with all PC and Apple devices to increase your number of computer connections.

Running at blazing fast speeds, up to 5GBps, the SuperSpeed Data Transfer technology means you can transfer the entirety of a full HD movie in a matter of seconds. That far outstrips the capabilities of your average port or hub!

Suitable for use in a variety of setups, the two feet long cable and an included cable tie can be adjusted to create the perfect length for your desk. No annoying wires in the way and no accidental disconnection - it’s a win win situation.

No matter which way you twist, bend or flex the cable, it successfully resists damage and stays firmly connected to the hub itself. The design is incredibly compact and takes up very little space, so you’ll have more room for new desk toys!

There’s no need to worry about malfunctions, as every Anker product comes with their worry free 18 month warranty as standard, as well as access to their reputable and friendly customer service team. You’re completely covered, no matter what.


  • Turn a single USB port into four with one purchase
  • High speed data transfer (up to 5GB p/s)
  • Fits any setup - low footprint, adjustable 2 feet of cable
  • Damage resistant and compact design


  • 2.4GHz wireless devices and some USB 3.0 devices may not be supported


Taking the phrase “small but mighty” incredibly literally, this tiny USB fan packs a ginormous punch; Opolar promises that it is more than capable of keeping you cooled down, with a far stronger airflow than you would anticipate.

With an adjustable head that moves between 0 and 40 degrees, you can direct the airflow to whichever direction it is required; the front cover pops off easily for swift access so you can delicately clean any detritus from the fan blade.

There are three colors to choose from, each design being stylish and in all honesty looking a lot more expensive than it actually is. It might only be 4 inches tall and weigh less than 0.4lb, but you’ll be the envy of every colleague.

Choose between three rotation speeds - 1800, 2100 and 2400 RPM - to ensure the breeze is as light or as powerful as the situation requires. This fan functions so quietly that the whirs of your computer will easily disguise any noise!

Thanks to 4.9 feet of USB cable, this compact cutie can fit in just about any workplace setup, using any USB-enabled power supply, whether that’s your computer, a hub or an outlet with a built in port.


  • Small yet mighty, with three speeds to choose from
  • Quiet operation, less than 50db 
  • Adjustable head moves from 0 to 40 degrees, removable front cover for easy cleaning
  • Easily powered using any USB port available


  • Noise levels when using the higher speeds can be louder than average


Sick of your coworkers stealing your snacks? Wish you didn’t have to cross the office to a kitchen to get yourself a little mid-morning pick me up? Be on the lookout no longer, with this perfectly pint-sized mini fridge from AstroAI.

Available in five adorable colors, including pink if you’re feeling fancy, with a glossy finish, it’s the dream desk accessory - small and svelte, it can squeeze into the tightest of places and runs super quietly, at only 25 dB.

With enough capacity for six cans of your favorite soft drinks, there are removable shelves if you’d like to keep things separate and organized - you could definitely fit your lunches, snacks and anything else you want on hand, without squashing.

You’ll find that two plugs are included - you can run this via a standard wall outlet, but it is also possible to hook it up to your car’s 12V cigarette port too, so it doubles up as a cooler for long road trips!

Each purchase comes CE, FCC, ETL and ROHS certified, so it’s guaranteed safe for use at the office; rest assured that if you have any problems, the fridge is also covered by AstroAI’s three year warranty. 


  • Cools and keeps things warm, serving a dual purpose
  • Two plugs included - AC and DC
  • Eco friendly engineering - semiconductor refrigeration chip is totally freon free
  • 100% certified according to CE, FCC, ETL and ROHS


  • Not quite “freezing cold” - it definitely cools things down though!


We are all guilty of indulging in covert desk snacking at work, as well as distractedly tearing up paper and otherwise making a mess. That’s where your new best friend, this tiny little pig that is also a mini vacuum, from Wrapables, comes in!

More powerful than you’d imagine, this cutesy little porker runs on two AA batteries - an easy, one touch operation allows you to sweep away crumbs, dust, eraser and pencil shavings… all of those notoriously annoying desktop messes.

Emptying out the mess compartment is simple - just hold down the button, release the little guy’s head (don’t worry - it goes back on!) and pour the contents into your nearest trash can. Hold the button back down to reattach!

At only six inches long, the adorable little piggy can sit tidily without cluttering up your desk, or fit into a drawer until you need his assistance. Sure, you could just use your hands or a cloth, but would that be anywhere near as amusing? We think not!

For those of us who are cat people, you might prefer the kitty version over the pig; there’s also a friendly cow and a couple of other farmyard chums, though they are out of stock at the time of writing.


  • Powered by two AA batteries
  • Collects all desk debris - dust, shavings, eraser bits 
  • Choose between several adorable animals
  • Perfectly portable - fits anywhere


  • Not suited for vacuuming keyboards if that was your intention


Sometimes you need to print something on the smaller side, and it doesn’t quite justify the energy of using a full sheet of paper and crossing the office to collect it from the huge copier/printer combo. That’s where the Instax Mini Printer comes in!

All you have to do is download the Instax Mini link app and you’ll be printing to your heart’s content within seconds - the printer hooks up to your phone, laptop or computer using Bluetooth capabilities, so you won’t add any more wires to your desk.

It takes just 12 seconds to print a full color photograph once the file has been received - on a single charge, it can print approximately 100 photos continuously, though this figure can vary depending on usage conditions.

Available in five pretty colors, it makes an adorable addition to your desk, and there’s even little minigames you can convince a begrudging coworker to play with you. Yes! Games! On a printer! We really are in the future.

If you’d like two of the same thing printed, don’t worry about repeating the whole process - simply flip the printer upside down and hit the power button to reprint your last photo - though be aware this is deleted once the printer has been switched off.


  • Instantly prints photos - takes just 12 seconds
  • Produce up to 100 photos in a row on one single charge
  • Print directly from your smartphone using the corresponding Instax app
  • Choose between four attractive colors


  • Essentially a glorified Polaroid printer… but it’s so gosh darn cute!


Seeking a little organization in your life? Consider this all in one under-desk headphone stand from Cozoo, which not only safely cradles your over-ear listening devices but also proffers three USB ports for charging your phone!

With room for two sets of headphones, you’ll be able to whip them on and off between meetings without messing around or having to rummage through a bag. Delivering a fast smart charge, the USB quickly revives your smart devices.

Made with a fire-resistant, hardened plastic outer shell for maximum durability, integrated safety features and premium circuitry ensure your total safety at all times - this has been tested and certified in accordance with UL guidelines.

Not only can you use this as a handy headphone holder, but you could also hang other important cables and cords off of it to keep them organized, tangle free and within your immediate reach. Hunting through drawers is a thing of the past!

Cozoo’s 90 day money back guarantee, as well as a complete 24 month warranty, is indicative of their faith in the product, but should also provide peace of mind that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase and any necessary resolutions.


  • Easily stores 2 pairs of headphones
  • Three inbuilt USB ports, supports fast charge
  • Durable hardened plastic shell, fire-resistant coating
  • 90 day money back guarantee/2 year warranty


  • May be better hung with screws rather than the double-sided tape provided


Are you always falling victim to distraction or annoying your colleagues by jiggling in concentration? Even if you just like to have something on hand to mess with, consider an Infinity Cube stress reliever from Small Fish - it’s fantastically distracting!

Discrete and ergonomic, it fits in the palm of your hand and can be played with in a variety of different stimulating ways, so there’s multiple different usages and it isn’t likely to get boring after a while. Flick, pull, wiggle, twist… you can do it all!

Made from eight ABS plastic blocks, each tough and well-connected using stainless steel rivets which are equally as durable. Able to withstand regular flipping and folding, the surface is smooth with curved edges and very comforting to touch.

Having both met and exceeded the International Toy Safety Standards as established by the ASTM, you can be certain that your fingers will be perfectly safe (as will any small hands that you might present with the cube by way of distraction).

Being both relaxing, noiseless and compact, you can enjoy some tactile sensory stimulation from the comfort of your desk, without distracting any of your coworkers in the process, helping you to keep focused yourself at the same time!


  • Multitasking tactile stim toy - great for staying on task
  • Made with sturdy materials, ASTM certified
  • Pocket sized, discrete and ergonomic
  • Works silently - won’t annoy anyone in the vicinity!


  • A little on the pricey side for a fidget toy


Another space saving two in one comes from Lamicall, with this sleek looking cell phone cradle that positions your device perfectly for charging. A large circular cutout in the back means you can easily pull your cord through.

Compatible with any smartphone between 4 and 8 inches, including most Apple and Samsung devices, you’ll easily be able to see notifications pop up on your phone without stopping work to check it, which works wonders for productivity!

Stable and perfect for watching videos or Facetiming on your lunch break, the stand itself is made from quality aluminum alloy and has a shiny finish - the rubber non slip pads ensure your phone’s screen is protected and prevent sliding.

The compact design of this stand means it will easily tuck in beside your monitor or in amongst the rest of your desk; all of the edges are smooth to the touch and it looks a lot more professional than simply plugging it in by your PC.

Bear in mind that, depending on where the charging port or speakers are positioned on your phone, the audio may be muffled or you could struggle to properly connect the cable, so be sure to check your intended devices before purchase.


  • Compatible with most popular devices between 4-8 inches wide
  • Handy hole for easily accessing the charging cord
  • Non-slip pads to protect your phone and desk, as well as prevent slipping
  • Attractive silver aluminum finish


  • The angle at which your phone is positioned cannot be adjusted


Last but certainly not least we have this wonderful health-boosting air purifier from KOIOS. If you find your face feels dry or your nose regularly gets stuffy from sitting in the office all day, this could be the perfect solution.

Certified in accordance with FCC and CE guidelines, the true HEPA purifying filter removes 99.97% of pollen, dust, mold spores and dander - capable of filtering particles as small as 0.3 microns, it is ideal to improve air quality in your office.

There’s also an additional pre-filter and activated carbon filter, which can eradicate smoke and cooking odors (great for coworkers who smoke or bring hot lunches!) and creates zero ozone emission, as certified by the California Air Resources Board.

With 360 degrees of filtering and purification, it’s efficient enough to discharge fresh air in all directions, cleaning up to 55 cubic meters per hour in normal mode, during which it consumes less than 0.002 units of power.

Simply hit the power button to turn the unit on and control the fan’s speed - a compact and stylish design means it tucks away into a corner of your desk and can rull all day without causing any disturbance.


  • Triple filtration system cleans 50 cubic meters of air an hour
  • Minimal power consumption
  • High quality, well made device at an affordable price
  • Ideal for those with stuffy offices


  • Power light cannot be turned off - this may prove irritating to some