Best Desk For Multiple Monitors

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Having more than one monitor makes completing tasks and getting work done a whole lot easier, as well as improving your efficiency and boosting your motivation levels. Finding a desk big enough for both is slightly more difficult. 

Depending on your set up - perhaps it’s two or three monitors with a PC or just a laptop and a spare monitor  you’ll need to have plenty of space for all of your technology, as well as remaining room for storage, writing and other tasks.

Don’t stress about where to look - we’ve picked out five of our favorite multi-monitor friendly desks, ready to take your home office from drab to fab in a matter of minutes.

Best Desk For Multiple Monitors

Think about how much better you’ll feel with all that room to spread out!

If you’d like to know the thought process behind choosing the products for our list, including what characteristics we consider to make a solid choice, just consult the Buyer’s Guide below.

It’s clear, concise and has all of the information you need.

In the event that it doesn’t, however, you might find the question you still have is answered by our set of FAQs right at the end.

Taken from the most common inquiries from fellow home office builders, it’s likely yours could be on there too.

Dying To Decide On A New Desk, ASAP? Here’s Our Top Pick:


Transforming from a beautifully long 95.5 inch desk into a space-saving, stylish L-shaped corner unit, this home office hero from Bestier has enough space for two people, or plenty of space for one user to stretch out lavishly.

Crafted from 100% certified Carb P2 Class wooden board - in a range of colors, including oak, grey and rustic brown - with a thick, sturdy metal X frame.

Wide steel tubes have a huge load-bearing capacity to effortlessly carry your equipment.

Because the desk has such ample space beneath it, there’s more than enough room for your CPU tower (unless you want it on the desk, which you can also do with ease) and any other items you’d like to store under you. 

Assembly requires some work, though reviews suggest that the instructions are clear and easy enough to follow. You should have it up in under an hour (it’s not quite IKEA easy!) without any building experience, and faster if you have the know-how!

As part of your purchase, you’ll also receive a quality wooden monitor stand, absolutely free!

Covered by the 12 month warranty included with every desk, any problems can be resolved through Bestier’s friendly customer service team.


  • Made from waterproof, scratch resistant wooden CARB P2 Class board
  • Choose the color that best matches your office decor
  • Cable management system integrated into the desk
  • Cross style legs offer great load bearing capacity


  • Assembly requires quite a bit of time and effort


For the gamers among us, this giant workstation from Mr IronStone makes for an absolutely perfect desk to hold your rig and monitors; not only that, but there’s even a built in cup holder and headphone hook… it’s made for those all-night sessions!

Constructed from solid MDF PVC and a laminated top, paired with solid metal r-frame legs, this desk can offer more support than your average unit, as well as sitting sturdily on uneven surfaces thanks to the adjustable leg pads.

At 63 inches wide, there’s enough room for two, even three monitors without breaking a sweat.

Three cable management holes allow you to organize your cords and wires with ease, so there’s plenty of space for your accessories.

Thanks to the heavy-duty powder coating on the metal frame, it can withstand plenty of rough and tumble, whilst the lamination on the desk’s surface means you’ll be able to wipe up any spillages and avoid scratching to keep it looking brand new.

According to customer reviews, the desk itself is an excellent purchase, especially considering the price tag, but assembly can be a real pain - make sure you set aside an afternoon to put this bad boy together!


  • Enormous desk - plenty of space for multiple monitors
  • Cable storage, headphone rack and cupholder all integrated
  • R-shaped frame for added stability and load bearing
  • Laminated surface and powder coated legs


  • Assembly is tricky for those lacking experience!


Given their amazing space-saving qualities, we couldn’t help but provide two L-shaped options for our list; we absolutely love this unit from CubiCubi, available in three beautiful faux-wood designs that look right at home in any office.

Offering plenty of space for as many monitors as your heart desires, the thick metal frame and double triangular strut ensures there’s maximum stability and your desktop is both anti-scratch and incredibly easy to clean.

An additional two tiered shelf offers more storage space, which can easily accommodate a PC tower as well as other items - no need to take up room on the desk itself with all of your equipment!

With clean welding and an additional satin black powder coating, the stable metal frame is fantastically made - don’t be fooled by its flimsy appearance, as there is ample structural bracing, and the laminate is of a very good quality too.

Assembly is a dream, with every single piece clearly labeled and all necessary hardware provided in individual, designated bags; written instructions and diagrams are clear and easy to understand, so even DIY novices can put this together.


  • Much easier to assemble than some of the other desks we’ve listed
  • Additional shelving which can accommodate a CPU tower/case
  • Sturdy, cleanly welded frame with powder coating
  • Three attractive colors to choose from


  • Definitely a budget desk - you get what you pay for


Made with a black metal frame and an even thicker P2 grade MDF board, this two shelved design from IronCK is ideal for a dual monitor setup, even boasting CPU brackets that can be positioned to the left or right, depending on your preference.

A separate shelf for your monitors not only allows you more room for writing, storing work and spreading out your keyboard and mouse, but also keeps your screens at or above eye level, which is much better than having to slouch to see properly.

Boasting a load bearing capacity of approximately 500lb, there’s no danger that any of your precious computer equipment will be damaged; the larger than average height (around 5ft 9 inches) offers an improved visibility and reduces neck strain.

There’s also a built in host tray specifically for protecting your CPU tower, which is designed to fit the majority of units - even those absolute behemoths that have been lovingly built over a number of years!

Assembling with ease in approximately 30 minutes (for most, according to the manufacturers) if you follow their clear instructions, even those with zero DIY experience should be able to put it together without much of a fuss.


  • Added shelf specifically for monitors - reduces neck and back ache
  • Two tier shelves and an additional CPU tower stand
  • Stocked in a US warehouse - delivers within 2-5 working days
  • 90 day worry-free money back guarantee policy


  • Directions feature diagrams only, with no written instructions, which some customers can find difficult to interpret


Last but not least, if you’re looking for a standing desk for the sake of your back, this expensive yet highly impressive unit from Vari converts (using the power of electricity) from seated to standing in a matter of minutes… and back again.

The solid one-piece top can be a number of colors and styles, from a beautiful reclaimed wood to an elegant all-white design.

Thanks to its simple construction, assembly takes ten minutes or less, and there’s no wood seams to contend with.

Using powerful, whisper-quiet dual motors, you can adjust the desk to hit four programmable height settings (between 25.5 inches and 50.5 inches) depending on your current needs or circumstances.

It’s so versatile you can put it anywhere!

T-style legs work with heavy duty steel feet to offer a 200lb load capacity, whilst the motors used offer 60% more lift than a singular design, as well as having a much longer lifespan - this desk will follow you from home to home for years to come!

Thanks to their 5-year limited warranty, buying with Vari is fuss-free and their supportive and dedicated staff of customer service providers are on hand to ensure you either love your desk, or reach an alternative solution you are satisfied with.


  • Solid, one-piece top made with the beautiful finish of your choice
  • Height adjustable thanks to dual motors - go from sitting to standing in seconds
  • Assembles in ten minutes or under - simple, straightforward construction process with very few pieces
  • 5 year limited warranty ensures total satisfaction


  • Arrives in separate boxes (albeit quicker than one large one, according to the manufacturer)
  • Definitely the most expensive on our list, but a worthy investment if you can afford it!

Best Desk For Multiple Monitors Buying Guide

Features To Consider


Primarily, you want the desk to have more than enough space for your monitors, but it also needs to fit wherever you are envisioning it will live. Measure up your space, being as accurate as possible, before you even begin your search!

Staying specific helps you find a desk that satisfies your criteria, rather than finding out when it arrives that it’s too large (or, even worse, small) for the space. We’re talking height, length and width - time to take out the tape measure!


As long as it is sturdy enough to hold the weight of everything you need, it doesn’t really matter which material you go for. Just pick a solid one! That being said, if you care about aesthetics, picking one that matches your decor makes sense too.

Your best bet is a good quality wood, well soldered metal or strong plastic - your technology costs a whole lot more to replace than investing in a decent desk will, so make sure your priorities are in order!

Additional Storage

It isn’t just about having room for your monitors (unless there’s literally nothing else you want to put on your desk besides computer stuff) - extra nooks, crannies, shelves and cupboards for your accessories and stationary just makes sense.

Some desks have built in sections dedicated to your PC tower, others have a shelf specifically for monitors. If you want drawers, you can get drawers! The world is quite literally your oyster when it comes to desks.

Leg Room

Readers on the tall side, we’re looking at you! If you have longer legs than average, making sure you will actually, comfortably fit underneath a desk - especially if you’re working for long periods - is important, mostly to avoid aches and pains.

Similarly, if you’re after a stand up desk rather than a sit down one, ensure that it’s going to stand at an appropriate height for you!

You don’t want to have to slouch or stand on your tiptoes to work - that’ll do the opposite of increasing productivity!

Cable Management

Multiple monitors requires a more extensive set up with a couple more HDMIs than average, as well as hooking up your keyboard, mouse and any other accessories (unless you’re lucky enough to have a crisp, clean wireless setup, that is!)

Some desks have holes or gaps specifically for organizing and tidying your wires and cords up, keeping everything nice and clear and avoiding any damage to your setup through tangling. This is great if you get distracted by chaos or mess!


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to build a desk, but some are easier to put together than others.

All manufacturers will say that their product is easy to assemble, so consult the customer reviews to find out if the claims are actually true.

Certain units can be erected just by pulling down the legs, whereas others are a hammer and nails flat-pack DIY situation. Some can be turned L-shaped with a simple adjustment - it’s up to you how much versatility you’d like!

If you’re not 100% sure you’d be able to assemble the desk, or if you simply don’t want to deal with the hassle, you might want to consider purchasing expert assembly along with it.

This means that a trained professional backed will come to your home or office at a convenient time and build it for you. 

Of course, this does come at an extra cost, but if you want the peace of mind of knowing that it’s been assembled correctly it’s worth it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What hardware do I need to connect multiple monitors?

Most laptops and PCs manufactured in the last decade have the ability to power two monitors at once - all you need is the monitor itself and your cable of choice, whether that’s a VGA, an HDMI or a DVI.

HDMI cables are your best bet - you’ll have the fastest response times, clearest pictures and easiest connection, with much less opportunity for issues. They are also the ones most often used. They are a popular choice for a reason!

On Windows OS, all you need to do is head into Display Settings and manage them however you’d like - you can either show two separate desktops, one extended one or leave one off until you’re ready for it. Entirely up to you!

Is it better to have two monitors or one big one?

According to a Reddit thread, this is all about personal preference - on one hand, an extra-wide or curved monitor can be very useful and aesthetically pleasing, a dual setup offers you considerably more screen real estate which increases productivity.

An ultra wide screen means there won’t be a gap between your display if you prefer one large one over two separate desktops; that being said, certain games don’t play nicely on an ultrawide setup and automatically revert to 16:9 so gamers would probably prefer multiples as that extra screen space is rendered useless.

If you like to work with multiple windows side by side, be aware that you can only snap in corners or to the side - they won’t stretch all the way out on a curved monitor, which can look weird and prove irritating to look at.

Why do streamers use three monitors?

That would be because they have so many things to keep an eye on! For example, those streamers who prefer to run everything separately might like to have their game on one monitor, with chat on the second and stream software on a third.

By keeping everything on its own separate screen, it makes it a lot easier to stay on top of everything, make less mistakes on stream, and also keeps a window free if you want to put some music on or Google something in the middle of a session.

It doesn’t mean that if you’re looking to get into streaming, you need three monitors to be successful, though - if two suits you fine, then two is all you need!

You’ll find a personal preference that meets your needs and works for you, don’t worry about what other people are doing!