Best Coffee Maker For Office

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If you aren’t taking regular breaks every couple of hours, your brain won’t benefit from that extra cup of coffee - Daniel Levitin 

Office morale and employee camaraderie often walk hand in hand, as the former is, more often than not, entirely dependent on the latter.

A happy office is a productive office and one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that your staff retain their focus and are content to spend their break times in each other’s company is by having a steady supply of America’s favorite fuel, coffee, on hand at all times.

In order to make sure that happens though, you’re going to need the right coffee maker for your office. 

Best Coffee Maker For Office

Choosing the right coffee maker for your office isn’t as easy as it might sound, as there are a number of important factors to consider before grabbing the first one you can find off a supermarket or an online shelf.

Any coffee maker that’s intended to be used in an office environment has to be able to brew enough coffee for anyone who wants a cup and needs to make great java time after time.

You don’t want to end up being caught in an inescapable cage of lousy office coffee because if there’s one thing that is worse than no coffee at all, it’s a relentless diet of bad coffee.

To spare you the frustration and misery of trying to find that perfect brewing machine, we’ve found five of the best coffee makers for your office, so that you can immediately restore staff harmony and begin to reap all of the benefits of a happy staff and office that are fueled by great coffee.

It’s time to put the coffee on…


Becoming a nationally renowned brand of choice isn’t easy, and it’s taken Hamilton Beach nearly a century of innovation and invention to claim its rightful place at the top of the home and restaurant appliance industry.

Proud of their commitment to delivering high-quality products that make sure that their customer base is always satisfied is, and always has been, Hamilton Beach’s passion and if you entrust your office’s coffee supply to their 2-Way Brewer, it won’t let you down. 

This fully programmable machine lets you set your brewing time up to twenty-four hours in advance and can make up to twelve cups of coffee, all of which it’ll keep warm and ready to serve in its glass carafe. 

So you can set the timer the evening before, and your coffee will be ready as soon as you walk through the doors of your office the next morning.

And if someone has to work late, or head into the office on the weekend, don’t worry the 2-Way Brewer also has a single cup brewing function, so no matter how long they’re sat at their desk or how tasking their assignment is, they’ll always be able to depend on Hamilton Beach’s coffee maker to provide them with enough coffee to help them complete whatever it is that they’re working on. 

And it doesn’t matter how strong your staff like their coffee, with the 2-Way Brewer they’ll be able to select the perfect caffeine strength at the touch of a button.

There’s a reason that Hamilton Beach has risen to the top of the culinary mountain and this coffee maker demonstrates it with flair and style. And that reason is they’re incredibly good at what they do, and their products are too. 


  • Able to make up to twelve cups of coffee at a time, the 2-Way Brewer can make more than enough coffee to satisfy the demands of any office. 
  • And it can be programmed to have all of that coffee ready when you want it. So as soon as you and your staff are ready to sit down at your desks in the morning, there’ll be a cup of delicious coffee waiting for them courtesy of Hamilton Beach.
  • Its single brew function means that if there's only one person in the office, they don’t have to make, and drink an entire carafe of coffee. They can just flip a switch and make a single cup whenever they want to. It’s almost as if Hamilton Beach has designed this coffee maker specifically for office use.


  • While it has an impressive range of office-friendly features, some of the caffeine devotees who have used it aren’t fans of the 2-Way Brewer. The carafe isn’t the most durable of coffee pots, so your staff is going to have to be careful when using it and you’ll have to let it ruin through a couple of brews before it settles into its role as the office coffee machine. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and coffee perfection doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t expect the 2-Way Brewer to serve barista-style coffee straight out of the box. These things take time. 


Trying to find an American kitchen that hasn’t been improved with a little help from Cuisinart is like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. It can be done, but it’ll take you half a lifetime to do it.

And all of Cuisinart’s culinary expertise has been forged into the Perfectemp coffee maker, a machine that’s been designed to make your life easier and put caffeine powered spring in your staff’s step. 

One of the most enduring complaints about office coffee is that it’s never quite good enough, and no matter how hard you work at perfecting the brewing process, something always seems to be amiss.

With the Perfectemp taking pride of place in your office, the days of bad office coffee will be a thing of the past, as it’s been made to serve a great cup of coffee at just the right temperature, and if your office is running at reduced capacity and you don’t want to take advantage of the fact that it can make fourteen cups of coffee, with the flick of a switch, you can set the Perfectemp to make between one and four cups instead.

The Perfectemp will fall in step with, and brew however much coffee your office needs to keep it running at one hundred percent efficiency.

And the icing on the Perfectemp caffeine cake is it's easy to use, push-button programmability. Just set the timer, fill the reservoir and add the coffee and it’ll have a full, half full, or however full you want it to be carafe of coffee ready and waiting whenever you want, or need it. 


  • It’ll make up to fourteen cups of coffee at once so no-one in your office will have to go without their shot of caffeine. And if you don’t want it to make fourteen cups, you can set it to make one, two, three, or however many cups you do want it to make. 
  • The Perfectemp has built-in twenty-four-hour programmability, so set it up and set the timer and your coffee will be ready and waiting when you head into the office in the morning.
  • Thanks to the state of the art technology that Cuisinart has imbued this coffee maker with, it doesn’t matter when you or a member of your staff go to grab a cup, it’ll always be at exactly the right temperature. The days of burned or cold office coffee are a thing of the past. Or at least they will be with a Perfectemp in place.


  • The Cuisinart seems to be a victim of its own success and thanks to being over-engineered and made to utilize the latest in coffee brewing technology, it’s also prone to mishap and failure. While the majority of caffeine fanatics who employ it to provide their much-needed coffee are overwhelmingly satisfied with the Perfectemp, according to a minority of less than satisfied coffee drinkers, somewhere around the six-month mark Cuisinart’s coffee maker begins to feel the enormity of its responsibility and succumbs to the pressure. In other words, it stops working.


When you want to keep the office coffee simple and just need a straightforward coffee maker that makes enough java for the entire office, the only brand you need to turn to is Mr. Coffee.

They’ve been providing American with all of the caffeine that it needs to function for nearly half a century, and in all that time they’ve never failed to live up to the high expectations, and caffeine demands, of the coffee drinking capital of the world. 

This twelve cup coffee maker is java simplicity personified. Just add coffee to its brewing basket, fill the reservoir with water, switch it on and it’ll do the rest.

And in less time than it takes to sign off your latest report, Mr. Coffee will have enough liquid gold ready to satisfy your entire office. 

If you want a cup before the machine has finished brewing?  Don’t worry, grab the carafe and pour yourself one, and the auto-pause function will kick in and stop brewing until you return the carafe to its rightful place. And as soon as you return the pot, it’ll start brewing again. 

Easy to clean and even easier to use, and with a clear water indicator level on the side of the reservoir, Mr. Coffee keeps the art of office caffeine simple, so that you don’t have to worry about it. Fill it up, flick and switch and it’ll be coffee time all the time. 


  • As soon as you read, and hear, the name on the side of this coffee maker, you know that you’re in the hands of a brand that you wholeheartedly entrust your office coffee needs to. Mr. Coffee is an American institution, and they’ll repay your devotion with all of the coffee that you, and your staff, could ever want. 
  • It’s a simple, straightforward, no-frills twelve cup coffee maker that anyone and everyone can use. Designed to make twelve cups of coffee at a time, that’s all it does and all that it ever will do.


  • It’s just a simple twelve cup coffee maker. It won’t switch itself on, it won’t transform the way that you think about coffee or change the way that you view your favorite brew. All that Mr Coffee’s machine will do is make enough coffee for you and your office to enjoy all day and every day.


Even though they may not be a household name, and they may not have carved the same sort of reputation into the mainstream consciousness of America that most of the contemporaries have, when it comes to the important things in life, like making coffee Boscare can step up the plate with any of the heavy hitters and hit home run after caffeine powered home run. 

This two to twelve cup coffee maker is fully programmable, so all you need to do is add coffee and water, set the timer and it’ll make as much or as little coffee as you want it to when you want it to.

With a two-hour automatic shut-off that turns its non-stick warming plate off after one hundred and twenty minutes of continuous use, you’ll never have to worry about drinking burned coffee again.

Controlled by just six buttons, Boscare knows that sometimes you have to keep things simple as life doesn’t slow down just because you want another cup of coffee, so they’ve ensured that their coffee maker is easy to use and can be ready to go in a heartbeat.

Whether you run a  busy, bustling office or an incredibly intimate business with just a few members of staff, Boscare’s coffee maker can and will cater to your coffee requirements.

Push-button operated and dishwasher safe (the pot that is, not the machine) it’s a straightforward, easy to use coffee maker that’ll keep the java flowing while you keep working. 


  • Built to deliver between two and twelve cups of coffee when you need it, Boscares coffee maker keeps things simple so that you can get on with the important day to day job of keeping your office, and staff, happy and productive. 
  • It won’t break the office coffee budget or clean out the petty cash drawer. Boscare’s coffee maker is an incredibly affordable way to keep your office supplied with all of the coffee that it needs.


  • A minority of dissatisfied customers have made their feelings quite clear about Boscare’s coffee maker, and if they’re to be believed, the quality and durability of the machine aren’t exactly up to scratch. It’s something to bear in mind when you decide which coffee maker to outfit your office with.


Keurig shook the coffee-making world to its foundations when they perfected their single cup coffee maker that used pods instead of grounds to satiate the desires of caffeine hounds all over the globe. 

So, if you run a small, but busy office the ideal solution to your coffee dilemma is to arm your business with Keurig’s bulletproof K-Cup system.

Equipped with a seventy-five-ounce water reserve, the K-Elite can hold enough water to make up to eight cups of coffee before it needs to be refilled.

It doesn’t matter if the person making the coffee wants a six, eight or ten-ounce cup or how strong they want it to be, with a few minor adjustments, all they have to do is load their chosen K-Cup pod and they’ll be able to have a fresh cup of coffee, the way that they like to drink it in under a minute. 

And because it makes coffee one cup at a time, and runs on a pod system, none of your staff will argue about the coffee that the K-Elite brews as it will always be tailor-made to suit their individual taste buds. 

When he founded Keurig, John Sylvan was driven by a simple mission, to wipe bad office coffee off the face of the planet for good. His K-Elite is the ultimate office coffee maker that has at long last made his dream a reality.

If you want to step away from the world of traditionally awful office coffee and experience a new caffeine utopia, the only way to do it is with Keurig.


  • Designed to tailor make a cup of coffee to the exacting and individual taste requirements of each of your staff, if you finally want to dispel the lingering aftertaste of terrible office coffee from your business, the only way to ensure that you can do that is with a Keurig K-Elite.
  • With a near-infinite variety of different K-Cup pods available from almost every coffee brand of note around the world, your staff will be spoiled for choice if you equip your office with a K-Elite


  • As with every Keurig machine, the K-Elite is only designed to brew a single cup of coffee at a time. This is fine if you run a small business and only employ a few members of staff, but if you don’t, and your office is slightly larger, waiting for coffee and the Keurig to brew it might become problematic.

Best Coffee Maker For Office Buying Guide

Which Office Coffee Maker Is The Right One For My Business? 

That’s a question whose answer depends entirely on two factors. How many staff does your office employ and what is your budget?

Taking both into account, read through our list again and the answer to your coffee-based conundrum should become immediately apparent. Having said that, if you’re still unable to decide, then base your decision entirely on numbers.

If you run a small office, the best way to keep your staff motivated and fully caffeinated is with a Keurig K-Elite, which has been purpose-designed to cater to the individual coffee demands of your staff.

But, if you run a slightly larger office, with an increased demand for coffee, the only real solution to your office-based coffee problem lies with the masters of office coffee, Cuisinart. Office coffee doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to taste good. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Office Coffee Maker? 

An office coffee maker is a machine that can make enough coffee to satisfy the caffeine demands of its entire staff.

A role traditionally assumed by cheap drip coffee makers, office coffee has become the stuff of legend, as it is universally thought of as being notoriously bad and the yardstick used to measure the quality of coffee all over the country.

However, as the coffee revolution has grown in strength an increasing number of offices and businesses have started to fight back against the stigma of conventional office coffee, businesses have started to use increasingly expensive, artisan coffee making machines in order to ensure that their staff’s demands for good coffee are always met.