Best Chair For Standing Desk

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Standing desks are great for allowing you to get work done, but after a while, it can start to put a real strain on your legs and feet when you have to stand up for long periods of time.

Standing up while you work is often practical for certain tasks, especially for artists and drafters, but the convenience of standing is going to wear off after quite quickly.

Best Chair For Standing Desk

Nobody can stand up indefinitely, which is why chairs are often used in a variety of job roles. Thankfully, there are now chairs available that have been specifically designed to be used with a standing desk.

These chairs are much more flexible than standard office chairs, and they allow you to get all of your work done without having to stand up all day long.

These chairs vary in price, but there are definitely chairs available to suit all budget types, depending on what you are looking for.

We are going to show you our list of the best chairs for standing desks so you can get your hands on the perfect chair to suit your workspace.

In a Hurry?

If you are motivated to get some work done, but you aren’t fond of the idea of standing at your desk working for hours on end, then we can understand why you might be in a bit of a hurry to get your hands on the best chair for use with a standing desk.

This is why we will leave our top pick here for you to browse, so you can save some time and make a quick decision. Through our research, we have found that the best chair for a standing desk is the ergonomic tall office chair by LS Line.

This chair is going to provide you with everything that you could possibly need from a chair of this type, and it has been ergonomically designed for your convenience and comfort.

This chair is made from high-quality materials that will ensure it lasts for a long time, and it is both durable and sturdy enough to support you while you work. 


Our number one choice for the best chair for a standing desk is this one by LS Line. This chair is going to help you relax while you are hard at work, and it is great for a variety of different purposes, including working at a standing desk.

It looks great and is environmentally friendly in terms of the materials used to make it. This chair will even prevent the formation of back pain, and can actually even work to improve your posture.

The height of the cushion can be adjusted with ease to your preferred level of comfort, and there is a synchronized combination that offers you a versatile adjustable motion of both the armrests and the foot ring.

This will allow you to option to rest while you work. Your purchase comes with everything that you need to set up the chair, including clear instructions to help you along the way, and this chair has passed a commercial test that proves the reliability of all its components.


  • You can use this chair to relax and work all at the same time
  • This chair is suitable for use with a standing desk
  • It can work to avoid the formation of any back pain and even improve your posture
  • You can adjust the height of the cushion to suit you
  • Your purchase comes with everything that you need to set it up


  • The screws are not always reliable, and some customers have noted that they have broken during installation, so you might want to use your own if this happens


This chair has an award-winning design that is centered around human use, and the design will allow you to sit in healthy seated positions without causing any strain on your back.

 It has a 265mm life height and is more than ideal for use with a standing desk due to this.

The set height is fully adjustable, as is the seat depth, the back height, and the back tilt, and the saddle seat design helps to promote healthy blood flow and encourage movement. 

It also allows you to sit in a position that is most comfortable for you, whether that is backward, forwards, or sideways, and the chair itself is made from 50% post-consumer recycled materials.


  • This chair is 90% recyclable and is made from 50% recycled materials
  • This chair allows you to sit in healthy positions without back strain
  • You can easily use this chair with a standing desk due to its height range
  • The seat height, seat depth, back tilt, and back height are adjustable
  • The saddle seat encourages healthy blood flow and movement


  • The design is unique and might not be preferred by everyone


This drafting chair features a smart design that has a firm and flexible cut-out style contoured back to support you back when sitting down. It has a thick padded 2-layer mesh seat that is adjustable, and it will also wick away moisture and allow for simple seating.

The chair is armless to help to give you a wider range of movement, and it can also help you to be able to store your chair under your desk when it is not in use.

The rest of the chair is also made from a breathable mesh material that allows for better air circulation to keep you cool. This chair also features a two-tone modern design, and it has built-in lumbar support.


  • This chair has a smart design with a contoured backrest to support your posture
  • There is a thick padded seat to ensure your comfort while seated
  • It is made using a mesh material that will wick moisture and promote air circulation
  • There are no armrests which helps to support a wider range of movement


  • This chair is not as stable as some others


One of the best things about this chair is its versatility, and you can use it for a variety of different purposes. It is great for use in combination with a standing desk, and it has been ergonomically designed to suit the human body.

It offers excellent lumbar support for your back, and it features a breathable mesh backrest that offers cooling comfort and increased airflow. This chair also has a padded waterfall edge mesh set to make it extra comfortable.

Another great feature that this chair has to offer is that it really is the perfect partner for a standing desk, which means that you will be able to avoid the fatigue that comes with using these desks.

Instead, you can sit down when you need to throughout the day to keep you on your feet for long periods of time.

This chair has an impressive adjustable height that can be adjusted with ease using the tall gas cylinder for a hydraulic lift. You will not be disappointed with this high-quality drafting chair that is going to last for years to come.


  • This chair is highly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes
  • This chair is the perfect partner for a standing desk to help eliminate fatigue
  • It offers excellent lumbar support for your back to avoid aches and pains
  • There is a padded waterfall edge seat for added comfort


  • You may need to re-adjust the height after sitting in the chair for a long time


This drafting chair has flip up arms that will ensure that you can get your body closer to the desk, which means that you can be in the correct sitting position.

These armrests also have the ability to rotate, which will take pressure off your shoulders and neck, allowing you to sit comfortably for much longer.

This chair is perfect for you to use as it is a tall drafting chair that has a height-adjustable footrest that will keep up good circulation while you are using it. A

s well as this, the sturdy chrome-plated steel foot ring will also help to enhance your seated posture. This will help to eliminate or at least lessen some of the aches and pains that come along with being seated for a long time.

There is an additional extra tall has lift and tilt extension mechanism that will allow you to adjust height, seat tilt, and tilt tension, and the ergonomically designed back with built-in lumbar support is useful.

This extra support will fit the natural curve of your body and offer great protection for your spine and waist.

One of the best features that this chair has to offer is the breathable mesh material on the back of the chair that allows for better air circulation and offers cool comfort while you are using it.

The seat uses a waterfall edge style that will relieve any pressure and promote blood flow to your legs. There are also 3 nylon dual-wheel casters that will easily glide over any carpeted surface.

This is a chair that has been built using only the best materials and finest craftsmanship to ensure that it will be both comfortable and durable, and it even comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • This chair has flip up arms to allow you to get closer to your desk
  • It is able to provide excellent lumbar support for your back
  • The chair can be adjusted in many different ways to suit your needs
  • It features a breathable mesh fabric to increase air circulation and keep you cool
  • This chair features dual-wheel casters for easy gliding on carpet surfaces


  • You will need to regularly check the wheels to ensure that they have not come loose

Best Chair For Standing Desk Buying Guide

There are lots of different things that you will need to consider when it comes to purchasing the best chair for a standing desk, like the design, adjustability, and materials used.

All of these things will determine whether or not the chair is going to be a suitable match for you, which is why it is important to think about the chair you are buying.

We will explain some of the things that you might need to know about these chairs below, so you will be able to make a well-informed decision.

Types of Chairs and Stools for Standing Desks

There are a few different types of chairs and stools that you would be able to use in combination with a standing desk, and we will explain these different types for you below, so you know what your options are.

Leaning Stool

The first type of stool that you can get is called a leaning stool, and this will allow you to stay in a position that is between standing and sitting.

You can use it to lean back slightly while you work, which will help to take some of the weight off of your lower body, making it easier to work at a standing desk for longer periods of time.

These stools are really helpful as you are still technically standing when you use them, but it will allow you to be on your feet for longer.

Drafting Chair

The first type of chair that we are going to look at is the drafting chair, and these are similar to normal office chairs, but they have a higher maximum height that is specifically designed to be used at a standing desk.

These are great chairs as you can use them to switch between sitting and standing when you need to give your legs a rest without having to stop working.

All you have to do to ensure that this chair is working to the best of its ability is to make sure that the height of the chair is matched to the height of the desk.

Active Sitting Chair

The next type of chair that we are going to talk about is the active sitting chair, which, as the name probably already gives away, will allow you to be active while sitting down.

They are specifically designed in a way that will allow your body to move while you sit, as they do not have any backrest, armrests, or firm stability.

The purpose of these chairs is to allow you to use your lower body to stabilize yourself and encourage movement while you are seated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Drafting Chair?

A drafting chair is an ergonomically designed chair that has some added features that make it much more useful. They will typically have a pneumatic cylinder and a foot ring to rest your feet on while you are using it.

The base and the cylinder will allow you to adjust the height of the chair so that it sits higher than a standard chair would. They will typically reach around 30-inches in height, which is much higher than a normal office chair.

The footrest is really useful due to the height of the chair, as it often means that many will not be able to place their feet on the ground while sitting in it. This is why many drafting chairs will feature a foot ring that you can rest your feet on to keep comfortable.

What is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk is essentially a desk that is higher up, which allows you to stand up comfortably while you are using it.

This can be helpful for a variety of different reasons, and many of the modern versions are actually adjustable, so you can alter the overall height of the desk to suit you.

This also means that you can switch things up between sitting and standing if you need to. The adjustable desks are typically referred to as height-adjustable desks, but they might not be necessary if you get the right chair to use in combination with your standing desk.

It is actually suggested that standing desks can have many different benefits for your health and that they can help to improve your overall productivity.

What Are the Benefits of a Standing Desk?

The first benefit of using a standing desk is that it can help to reduce or even eliminate any back pain that you would normally experience from being seated uncomfortably throughout the day.

It has also come to light through research that using a standing desk can also lower your risk of heart disease.

As well as this, it can also help to lower your risk of weight gain, as you burn more calories by standing than simply sitting. However, many opt to use a chair with their standing desk.

One of the most common benefits of standing desks is that they can help to boost your productivity when you are using them. It will take some getting used to, but these desks have been known to make you more productive.