Lucas James

Hey there, Lucas here! Welcome to my website, Fine Life. Fine Life was born out of my own struggles to find information on working from home and setting up an effective home office and working environment. There is so much information out there on large office spaces, but very little for home workers. This meant I struggled when decorating my office, buying the right office furniture, and even finding office supplies! 

Luckily, I managed to muddle my way through. I was able to pair my love of DIY with a passion for having a good working environment, and I now have a wonderful home office that is the envy of my colleagues and friends. Something that stuck with me, though, is that as the world changes and more and more people are starting to work from home for the first time, there may be more Lucas’s out there struggling to set up their home office with nowhere to turn. 

That’s when the idea for Fine Life hit me! I decided that I could use my own experience with interior design and effective home working to help other people with their home working journeys! From recommending the best desks for multiple monitors to assessingthe 5 best exercises for your office workout routine, this website is where I will share everything I have learned from my own experience. I hope it will help you on your home working journey, too!